Group payout percentages per game

It would be pretty nice to be able to set a “List” of developers that get x% of the GAME funds.

Currently the group owner is allowed to set over all group fund earning payouts but what if a group has a lot of developers ( a studio group ) this will help managing giving out robux fairly.

I suggested this before but I was told to ReSuggest it, this would REALLY help a lot.


Can we please not have three separate threads for the SAME thing?

But yes, this would be really nice to have.

I would also suggest having “free” acess or “free key” for the devs that we could hand out (yes i know it’s been said before).

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They’re different suggestions, make sure to read the entire post.

DieSoft is asking for a new permission that lets people in other ranks than the owner do group payouts.

Omaraa is asking for automatic payouts per-game in a group, not just a single automatic payout for all games of the group.

The third thread you mentioned by omaraa is a discussion on some bot that he could do, and I instead suggested that he posted a feature request asking for the feature he needed instead of working around it.


I mentioned this to David in person last year, I would really like for this feature to be implemented.

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This doesn’t seem to do much. I suggested multiple things to him that he thought will be implemented within a year. Nope.

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I greatly support this. Once we publish a second profiting game on Revolution Games, the revenue system will be a mess to handle with fairness.

He gets a lot of such suggestions. You’d have trouble remembering them all too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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At the Bay Area Maker Faire, he went to everyone who was participating and wrote down what they said feature-wise.

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This is a large problem that I am running into. Studio groups can’t function with the current implementation. It’s quite silly to make a new group for every game.


Groups are getting a “remake” in 2017 so lets hope they fix these issues!

inb4 everyone gets removed from every group

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Pray that they add this

I greatly support this. I was just about to make a very extensive post about this.

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This is still a much needed feature.

As this thread already exists, I’ve decided to bump it rather than create a new one.

It’s a major pain to tally up and split profits between developers in larger groups with several different games manually.


I’m really hoping this is coming in the group update we’ve been hearing about.

While I wait, my group has a bot which tracks all weekly profits from our games and automatically pays out the teams for said games.

Though I’d really like to not use this method as its super risky, should the bot fail, or some roblox API gets changed all the sudden, those all are risks we are taking using said bot :stuck_out_tongue:

If possible could we get a statement from a staff member who either is in charge of updating the groups or has an idea of what we can hope for with the future of groups!

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It’s been 3 years and this still needs to happen.

I need this for a group that has small subsets of developers working on certain projects. As group payouts currently stand, I can’t pay them fairly based on their contributions to each individual project.

I’m hoping this is coming at some point, as I’d rather not resort to methods like Dev0mar’s.


Hopefully its coming sooner than later… Not sure if it’d be apart of this planned update but lets hope?

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As a Roblox developer, it’s impossible to split the revenue through percentage cut group payouts through multiple individual games. It would be nice to have each group game inside one group to have they’re own separate group payouts.

This would be good for a group with a studio name that wants to keep the studio name while having multiple games with different developers working on different games.

Like if a team of 3 developers are working on one game while another totally different team of developers are working on a separate game, but it’s still in the same group to keep and retain the same group studio name.