Groups Now in Creator Hub, With New Roles and More! [Beta]

Thanks for the bug report - we will add a proper confirmation soon, but in the meantime added a message below the field.


Thanks for the questions!

  1. They’re considered Legacy Roles, because once the new system is out of Beta, and has at least feature-parity with the legacy roles, we’ll start deprecating their use for creators to manager collaborators. The idea is that everything you need for managing revenue, and collaborator access will be directly within Creator Hub only.

  2. All other features in Groups that are not for creator collaboration (ie the announcements) will continue to exist on the app and main site, as Guilded gets more integrated there.

  3. The new creator roles are for creator access only, so there will be minimal access to the public. For example, if you think about Roblox - it matters a lot less to you that I am in the ‘Product Manager’ role vs that I work at Roblox. The internals of a Group for creators on Creator Hub will become more private so that teams and studios can more carefully control what their players can see.

  4. There are no changes to legacy roles in this announcement - they’ll continue to cost Robux. The new creator roles are free to create.

  5. As per comment just above - yes! We want this new system to be super extensible. Rich APIs across Open Cloud and Engine.


I like this - not something we’ve thought about yet, but will flag it with the team.


If you find yourself a inundated with invites from strangers, you can turn the notification off entirely, and you won’t see invites anymore. If you then have a friend who has invited you, they can still send you the link themselves for you to accept, without you having to turn notifications back on again!


Will the players on the app seen the new roles in the group

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this looks very clean, I hope I use it in the future!

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What about Player:GetRankInGroup and Player:GetRoleInGroup ? Does they still use legacy roles to get information and return it or no? How to get information about current player rank or role which are set on the dashboard page?

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My guess is that they’ll return information on their highest role. They’d have to make another method to retrieve all the roles they have.

This is why Jed highlights “for individual creators as well as the overall platform”.

Introducing the ability to move funds around without marketplace fee reduces friction for bad actors. We know you’re not a bad actor, but you’re asking for a system change that would affect all users, not just the good actors. As a platform we don’t get to move haphazardly here and need to navigate that very carefully. Thanks for your patience here.

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Any response towards this as a suggestion?

If legacy roles are going to reach feature parity of legacy roles: will legacy roles be migrated into the new role system?

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See Jed’s response here:

No plans to make a “changed signal” that can be listened to in-game at this time. Please file a separate feature request with your problem description on why you need change events for group members if this matters a lot to you.

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Eventually, will this be combined into the groups on the group page and not the creator dashboard?

This is actually interesting and actually very helpful for roleplay groups that don’t want people to have the “Moderator” role publicly, but will still actually still appear on the player, so they can delegate permissions without having to do something hacky and all.

My only question is, when this is fully released, will there be an option to hide the roles to the public and only be used via API?

An example of this being used:

Let’s say X roleplay group has a moderation team, but let’s say it’s too unrealistic to add a “Moderators” role in the group, so we would have to use like datastores, external databases, or something to keep track of the moderators.

Unfortunately, it’s not even possible to change what experiences people can edit with this update, only with the old roles: this is a massive flaw with the update

Thanks for your question! All of these new roles will be private, unless you have permission to manage members of the Group. These new features are specifically for creators and community managers, rather than players, so there’s very little player-facing/public information.

So players cannot see this new roles and there no option do they see the roles like or a developer is a scripter or something with a sub role

I’d like to have sub roles like owner head Dev and developer with Raveneu acces and not too and that players in group see this roles so I only need the legacy Dev role I already used the new ones for partner and a sub role for Dev access @peraldon

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Thank you for your response,

Ahh I see now, I would love it if it kind of moved it’s way in with legacy group roles and a separate setting for ease of access and visualable then having to access or modify the current roles on top of this role system.

I absolutely love the way Roblox is moving with this, and I feel like this could be something big for Roblox Groups that is a long time needed. Do you guys plan on opening up a private beta or public beta for the new system vs old system? I and many other roblox groups would love to interact with the Roblox Staff team to come up with new ideas, share our workflow, and give some insights on what we do that Roblox might not be aware of. (the main reason why I love them so much)

In our team, we lean heavily on the Community Feedback Program. Of course, feel free to put in feature requests here on the forum, and we’ll read it as well!

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Is there some sort of ETA for being able to transfer robux to groups without fees?

Due to some work I do, I have a lot of robux on my account to the point the 30% reduction is enough that it negatively impacts me.

Also I don’t really understand how a bad actor could exploit this system. In my mind you could only transfer currency between groups you own and your account. For example, Group A is owned by player A and pays player B 100k robux. Player B owns group B so now he can transfer the 100k robux to group B allowing him to start development on his game by paying developers / commisions without him loosing 30k.

I don’t see how bad actors would exploit this system considering how scamming can happen with or without the 30% cut and if your account gets comprimised you can loose a lot more than just your robux.

Obviously I’m sure an exact ETA can’t be given but just considering whether this is something I can expect soon enough where I may want to wait on commissioning anyone.