High Seas | Character Customization, Fancy Tutorial, Shark AI - Devlog #6

Hey all,
I’m Infinite_Visions, proud owner of Visions Games and my admittedly cringy (Or hilarious) Youtube Channel. This is my sixth installment on my solo project called High Seas , an up-and-coming Pirate roleplay game. Without further ado, let’s begin.

New Features

Character Customization

Fancy Tutorial

This tutorial is highly interactable - it teaches the main game mechanics.


Shark AI

Other improvements

Water collision/wave detection has been fixed for boats. Boats rise/sink with waves.

General performance improvements, datastores added.

Previous Features

Spicy UI🔥

Please note: I am still working on the build/placement system gui.
Untitled_ Nov 23, 2021 9_41 PM

(Old gifs, other UIs updated since then)
Untitled_ Nov 23, 2021 9_29 PM
Untitled_ Nov 23, 2021 9_32 PM

Zone Travelling System

As you can see, a prompt appears at the top when you travel into the “Open Ocean” (out of the map), and another prompt when you re-enter the island chain.
Untitled_ Nov 23, 2021 9_52 PM
This can again be seen when you enter a smaller zone in the map.
Untitled_ Nov 23, 2021 9_53 PM

Building Improvements

Placement system has been updated. However, the actual map building has also been improved thanks to @lieliedash2. You all wanted a more realistic look; we are delivering :slight_smile:

Note: Buildings not final. There are kinks being worked out.

Huge, creative map! (Images)

Notice: Press “x” to fly around. This will let you move about the map.


As you can see, there are several islands completed. Some are basic, featuring large Armada forts. Some are floating merchant villages, bobbing on top of the waves. On a special few, large volcanoes brew ominously. . . Just watch out for the skeletons!
More villages/towns will be added. Each island will feature it’s own special structures, bosses, and challenges :slight_smile:

Epic Thumbnail/Logo

Ship Building System

This system allows you to build and design your own ship.

NPC Interaction

These npcs will assign quests, give rewards, and more!

Treasure Chest System

In future updates, the first chest will give you a map. This map will lead to the second chest (the real treasure, which will give loot). The first chest will be found in ruins, sunken ships, etc. More to come :slight_smile:

Shovel/Inventory System

As you can see, there is a custom backpack gui. The shovel can dig through terrain, to locate treasure.


A beautiful minimap, in the corner of the screen. It will show the map (once I make it), and will expand to show it in greater detail.

Endless Ocean

The ocean is the main feature of any pirate game. As such, it needs to be realistic, exciting, and can’t suddenly end for the player. To combat this, I created an ocean that moves locally with you, but interacts with the server just as it does the client. Using Mesh deformation, I made some nice waves, some simple swimming animations, and a neat camera effect when under water.

Weather will be added (the ocean waves will increase/decrease according to the weather)

Rope Swinging

As we all know, rope swinging is essential to a pirate game. I had some fun messing around with physics, and got:

As you can see, you grab the rope, then move around faster and faster. When you release, you fly off a ways. This will allow you to hop ships in a “Pirate” fashion.
My ship may or may not be sinking.

Ship/Cannon Controls

Ship handling is a work in progress. I have to script my own friction, so I’m working out the kinks. In the future, waves won’t clip through the deck of the ship. The cannon and movement replicates to the server :slight_smile:

Physics will be improved - this is a very, very early stage.

Testing link: High Seas
(Please note: There will be bugs, errors, and glitches. This is the minimum viable product.)

What ideas do you have for this game? I am in no way an expert in UI design or building. What can I improve on? Thank you!

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I’m beginning to work on the map. I’m not the best builder, but it suffices.

I’ll be making the map, then finishing up a few scripting odds and ends. At that point, I’ll launch beta.

what if you die while customizing ur character??? i wudnt want dat to happin to me O_o
add better shark animation like the back swaying and stuff, and also is bob kind? is that why he wants to show around? and the ui on the scroll and the text ui dont match up


You should respawn like normal.

The shark is a placeholder currently (I’ll be getting a model that matches the game soon)

I’ll be sure to fix that :slight_smile:

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no the animation tho

im saying like what if you have loot on you or something like that

I’ll be sure to animate the new shark model

You’ll lose 10% of your gold and 10% of your resources, which can be looted. I’m deciding if consequences should be harsher. What do you think?

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Next part of the map complete :grin:

yea, make it losing all of ur loot, unless ur editing ur character, then maybe 5 percent or just none

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I’ve done a lot of thinking over this (I don’t want it to be too rage-y, but I still want it to be challenging). I’ve decided that when you die, you lose 10% of your gold, and 10% of your resources. Then, you lose the items in four specific backpack slots.

This way, when you are new, you won’t be losing items, but when you are advanced, you will have to put items in those slots (your inventory will be full).

That was probably confusing, here is a better diagram to clear it up:

What do you think, is this a fine solution?

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Outdated link lol.

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Fixed it, thank you

if i do say so myself, yes, but you definitely need more inventory space.

Wow, that game looks incredible! I definitely wanna play it when it’s finished! :grin:

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When zoomed in, I think players will complain about the slanted scope.

So the white parts are like backpacks?

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its the grid in an inventory system, not the real ui though, I presume

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Yes, I understand that.
I’m talking about what Roblox already provides for you

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Thank you so much, it means a lot :grin:

I believe you are right, I’ll make it so it isn’t slanted veiw.

Yeah, if that was the real UI, I’d be worried for myself. . .

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