[HIREABLE!] Scripter, 3D/2D Artist and UI Designer!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Scripter, GFX Designer and UI Designer.
I’m good at these all.

2D Art

Ekran Resmi 2020-05-03 20.01.44

3D Art

for @LeSpookie

for @LeSpookie

  • Story Game

  • Egg Hatching System

  • Pet Using System

  • Open/Close GUI

  • Round System

  • Loading Screens
    LoadingGui - Roblox

  • Pet Chance System

  • Simulator Games

  • Singleplayer Games

  • Random Player Chooser

  • PlayerProperties (Like the script can know the account age, etc.)

  • Events

  • Map Selecter

I can make more but I only wrote these.

UI Designs


UI Designer: 105 :robux: : Per Asset
Scripter: 150 :robux: Per Asset (Open and Close gui is not included)
GFX: 310 :robux: Per Asset
GFX: 290 :robux: Per Profile Photo

I will work if you’ll pay per asset. But if it’s short-term Project, I can work by percantage. And My min. percantage is %15.


You can contact me on Discord: melxdiq#2215


UTC. Turkey, Istanbul. 1pm to 11pm.


I’m going to be honest with you and say that you can improve on GFX and UI Design. Saying “very” is a little much. The GFX examples don’t have good lighting and don’t blend in with the background. The UI design is really basic and the text scaling isn’t done well. Wish you the best of luck though.


Mine is not the best either but you might have some idea on what @ProjectExtraction Is talking about
Link: Z0G0N Portfolio (Builder)


Ui looks good but Pricing is too little for what you get.


Thanks for info. I will fix it.


It’s a good oportunity, But the prices are very low !

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Hmmmm… I am making a new game like piggy we need a scripter! For more information add my main account perfectmrKorum!

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Can I learn about game? I didn’t play piggy before.
What’s the payments?
Do you have discord?
Mine is: Kuzey_Dev#2215

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Ummmm. Sorry but my computer/pc does not let me get discord I don’t know why i’m trying to fix it. And yes i can give you the time to learn the game i can help you if you would like? I sent a friend request on my main and i can pay you 2000 - 500 Robux if you put lots of work into the game.


I will be contacting you shortly, the UIs look pretty sophisticated. Although, the graphics could use more detail! :slight_smile:

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Can you please add me? iTzEmail#3904 On discord?

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Okay, but I’m busy with other works. That can take long time.

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Okay then why are you for hire if you are already working on a game?

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Are you able to script an ordering system for a cafe?

Yes ma’am. (30 Charactersssssss)

Just a little critique to help you better for the future:

On this picture, you can clearly see not all of the buttons are alligned correctly; this is something that is kind of noticeable, and it’s just a minor mistake probably, but it in the end is somewhat big to making a GUI look good!

All of your UIs look good! And I wish you the best for your business.

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Sent a request on discord hope to hear from you!

Thanks for feedbacks!! (30 Characters)

New GFX are added! Don’t forget to take a look!

Are you able to script games like retail tycoon.