How Can I Force A Certain Graphics Setting to all Players!?

Hey, So I need a script or a way to force all players in my game to have at least 8 graphics quality and up.

The issue is that I searched all over the internet and found everything but what I was looking for. I also tried things and it did not work.

I tried to find a setting in File, Settings but did not find one.

Please help me here, I really need this in my Pc only game!

Great day - PitaPata14 :smiley:


That is currently not possible, and for good reason.

Games can easily abuse this feature. For example, my computer cannot handle anything about a graphics setting of 1 (it’s true). If a game were to force setting 8 on my client, I would start severely lagging (horribly). I can’t even play the game smoothly. The only choice I have–leave the game. That means that your game will exclusively be for users with higher end devices, which won’t be the most ideal thing, would it?

So, the answer is no.


Isn’t there a way to check what setting they’re on? If they’re lower than the one you want, put up a screen which tells them to change their setting or not be able to play.

local Value = 5 --1 to 10
local function Check()
	if UserSettings().GameSettings.SavedQualityLevel.Value >= Value --[[5]] then
	elseif UserSettings().GameSettings.SavedQualityLevel == Enum.SavedQualitySetting.Automatic then


--local Value = 2 --1 to 10

	--if UserSettings().GameSettings.SavedQualityLevel.Value >= Value then

That would kill your user base because even a lot of PCs may not be able to handle higher graphics settings, and forcing the quality could crash or seriously lag out computers.

Maybe instead have a pop up GUI when the player joins that says something like “For the best experience set your graphics quality to 8+”.


As a rule of thumb: You never want to force your player base to play on a SET Graphics Quality when they have the option everywhere else. The point of that Graphics Quality is so they can Run the game as optimal as possible without their client running as a slideshow.

The best option here is to recommend them a certain graphics quality, Where you can recommend them 8 for the highest fidelity graphics, or something lower to get the most performance


I have a solution for myself. I will use the code seiyakido gave to me but there will be an option to make ur graphics 8 and it will give a warning that thee game wont look that good without it.

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lol I just need it for lower graphics

In my case I actually wanted to make the graphic lower (< 4) . I was able to set an interesting effect using clouds (the dense mass in the background) but it works only with lower graphics. Tried messing with the density and cover to set on high graphic users but i couldnt do it :confused:

Where do we place this at? And does it has to be a local file

It doesn’t work for me at all… Can you help

You can use this: GraphicsPast - Roblox

Place it in StarterGui and it should work.


Thank you, this helps a lot it gives a choice instead of forcing

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Okay but i need one that forces and isnt a option

I don’t think there a way to “Force” the player’s settings to be a certain graphics, but make the player manually change it themselves or they can’t play. The GraphicsPast does that job.