I can no longer undock the viewport in Studio

Reproduction Steps

* Open a new place in Roblox Studio

  • Click and drag on the viewport tab
    Note that it won’t undock. It can only be dragged side-to-side


Expected Behavior

The viewport to undock so I can move it around and onto my second monitor or make it fullscreen so I can take high-res screenshots and videos.

Actual Behavior

Nothing. It won’t undock and is stuck in place.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Hi @Noobot9k, the undocking of 3D View has been disabled because it was causing instability. You still will be able to dock/undock scripts and other dock panels onto and outside of the central pane.


I’m highly against this change if you mean to say it’s a (permanent) solution to the instability problems.

Undocking the viewport is essential for building UI within Studio, setting up scenes and camera angles, viewing on secondary monitors, etc. The viewport is limited while being within bounds of the Studio window and being able to shift the window a few pixels is not enough, not to mention that you mess up the scaling of all your other docked Studio windows if you don’t get it placed exactly where it was before. Also many plugins have minimum sizes that will further constrict how much you can expand the workspace viewport.


Have you tried to use the new auto-hide feature? If you put your dock panels in auto-hide mode, they will fold (minimize) and clear up some space where you can see more of your 3D View. You do this by clicking on the middle button of the dock panel. You can also undock your dock panels, which will also give the 3D View more space.


Thanks! I had no idea that feature existed. I completely missed the memo.

That really does solve the problem of needing to undock the workspace viewport.

I should have been paying closer attention to the recent Studio Design Refresh announcements. I have been using Studio completely wrong these past few weeks!

While using this feature, is there a way to disable auto-hiding?
By default, clicking on a panel keeps it open and once you click in the viewport, it hides the panel.
Is there a setting I can toggle to turn off this auto-hiding behavior rather than having to fully re-expand the panel?


Yes, here is you how you do it:


Unfortunately this is a great hindrance to workflow, if this is a temporary fix that would be understandable, however for many people who do screen recording inside of studio who need the large sized screen at a specific aspect ratio, minimising docks and using the device emulator isn’t efficient enough since the only way to view the viewport fully is at a reduced size.
Need full screen for quality

Please say there is a way to fix this or at least fully hide all docks including the topbar.


You can collapse the ribbon bar with the double up arrow button in the top right area.

thanks, but still seems like a lot of hassle to go through all docks hiding them when i used to be able to just click and drag then drag back, still got a huge border.

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Glad this change was made. Now there won’t be any “I lost my viewport” or “How do I see the world” posts, or any people reinstalling studio 5 times a day to try to fix their screen! I don’t see any reason why you would need to dock the viewport somewhere else anyway. It’s fine where it is.


Would you rather a massive chunk of the community be entirely unable to use Studio? This is probably just a temporary measure, we’ll see.

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I really hope this is a temporary solution. I understand that the stability of Roblox Studio is more important even if I never experienced any issues with Roblox Studio in the past 2 years working in it nearly every day but this at least for me makes things so much more difficult. The past changes where the 3D Viewport was slightly bigger than the normal 16:9 Full HD Screen Sizes were already weird and messed up some stuff for me and made it at some points much more difficult to work on UI in Studio but this makes things impossible. Most importantly for me is that I need a fixed Aspect Ratio to work on my UI, before I could just snap it to fullscreen on another monitor and it had the same Aspect Ratio every time but now it’s not really possible because the different panels sometimes just change in size after restarting or you need to change their size or some plugins update or something. The only solution right now for me is to hide everything I don’t need and pop out every panel I need to another monitor. This can really not be a permanent solution so I hope another fix for the Studio instability is found quickly.


You can use the device emulator tool for custom aspect ratios.

That should bring up an additional layer under the top tab directory which has a dropdown menu to select different devices. At the bottom of the list, there is a “Manage Devices” button you can use to create your own aspect ratios and custom emulation devices. This takes into account the actual resolution of your specified device and scales it to the window if you use the “Fit to Window” option next to the dropdown.

Please consider bringing this feature back. I’ve been using the viewport undocked on it’s own monitor, and it speeds up my workflow considerably by allowing me to hop between scripts quickly within the main Studio window without having to constantly undock them, or having to repeatedly swap between scripts and the viewport. Every time you open a script it defaults to the compartment of the viewport, covering it up. The docking solution isn’t sufficient in this case as the compartments become too small and I can’t separate them easily between monitors. I wish I had known the feature was disabled, because I’ve been using it undocked without problems up until manually redocking it today (it wasn’t forced to redock, so I know the feature is still possible in the current version).

In the meantime, if it’s a stability issue, could you consider allowing us to re-enable it as a Beta feature?

And if that’s not possible, allowing us to select which window / docking compartment Scripts open up to by default would also work. For example: Have newly opened scripts open up in the same window as an existing Script editor.


Yeah, it’s a possibility but it would make a few things so much harder to work with.
For example, I want to preview my desktop UI in fullscreen so I can see exactly how it will be in the game.
Or because while working on a 1920x1080 display some pixels would be lost when not viewing the 3D Viewport in fullscreen (and yes I had problems with this many times, especially since the Viewport is a little larger than fullscreen).
Or like Onett already mentioned it makes the workflow unnecessarily harder because you always have to switch between scripts and the Viewport.


As I said… If it’s temporary i can live with it. If it’s not then I expect an alternative to be in the works, QUICKLY.

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completely untrue, in many cases as people have described, docking it on a second screen can massively help with Ui development and screen recording for animators and game trailers.

Edit: I agree that it is an issue that you can’t always find the vp, so would be nice to have a message where the viewport was to say “viewport in popout mode, Click here to return”

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This does not do what I need it to. There are so many steps required to hide everything and there would still be a bunch of junk on my screen preventing me from taking a proper screenshot. I constantly switch between fully using Roblox Studio to make my game and needing it to all hide while I take a screenshot so needing to go back and forth, hiding and revealing the ribbon bar and my docked windows is just nuts.

I cannot let this feature go until we get something like a proper fullscreen mode for the viewport.

I can understand this change being to work around some instability in some niche scenarios, but I like many others have said, never had any issues and have only been impacted negatively by this change. Simply having a new setting within Roblox Studio that enables the undocking of the viewport with a warning of bugs and instability would be perfectly fine and I know Roblox can do that.

I really do loathe this approach that Roblox takes where they treat the users of their product as completely incapable of taking their own calculated but informed risks. I now know this feature can cause instability. If I experience any issues, I’ll know what to disable first. Now… let me get back to work!


Don’t know if this is related, but here goes.
I have my main screen with the veiwport open and the toolbar up top. No worries with having scripts open at the top of the viewscreen.
All my other windows are open on my secondary screen. I usually have Terrain, Toolbox, Properties, Explorer, and Output open.
The Properties and Explorer windows are full screen height on my secondary screen.
The last few days when I open Studio the Explorer, Properties and Output window are about 1 cm higher on my secondary screen which means the Properties and Output windows have their top (draggable) bar hidden above the screen area. The bottom edge of each window rises up so the window size isn’t changing.
I can only move the windows down by dragging the bottom edge of each one up to the top limit, which allows a small portion of the top edge to appear, which I can drag down and then resize the window.


please bring this back, i require this for doing ui work and placing the viewport on my other monitor which sufficiently speeds up my workflow between coding and adding ui elements.