I just did a test sponsor… I got 0.021% CTR

Hey! I just ran a test sponsor for 1.5k. It’s been out for 11 hours and the results are very worrying. I am now hesitant to spend the original 400k R$ planned. I understand this is quite low for sponsors, any advice? The attributed visits seems a little weird as the game got 186 so far and we don’t have external sources.

A) Make the add more appealing. Simply putting the game icon and name is not anything special, and blends in with other games on the webpage.
B) With a small amount of robux, you are less likely to get a better CTR rate. For example, At a sandwich shop, to get a six inch sandwich, it might cost $5. However, to get that same sandwich in a footlong. it will cost $8. They would much rather have you buy and bulk to maximize profits.
C) Most of the time, the ad will not be for simply having said CTR. It will be to gain popularity in hopes of gamepass purchases. If I spend 8k robux, I am not doing so in hopes that 8k people will pay 1 robux, I am hoping that 16 people will buy my 500 Robux gamepass.
PS, you added an extra zero after the decimal in the title.


Thanks, that’s a relief. I am 100% confident in the game itself so this is good to hear.

Yeah! Good luck on future ads!


Here is some links that will also help from a different perspective:


Due to the fine Roblox staff the “Friends Playing” and “Friends Activity” section is right there on the front page.

You probably got the extra visits from people who joined there friends who were playing the game currently, or saw that there friends recently played the game in the “Friends Activity” section, just below the friends on the front page.

It is a very good way to get visits! People love to join there friends and usually share interest. So seeing a game that interest a friend, you would think it would interest you too!


I’d recommend doing ads instead, sponsors always seem to be basically worthless.

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Do you have an experience with it?

Here I have 2 ads I spent 5k on and I got about 3000 clicks on each

Now you’d think dividing that by 5 you’d get about 600 visits, but I only ended up getting 139.

Ads seem to do better since they’re on almost every page of the website, while sponsored games are only in game sorts, and ads can explain a lot more than just the game icon.

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I would be careful If I were you with that 400K. I have heard/seen so many good looking appealing games get low CTR with sponsors. I wish the best of luck on your game though!

I’ve had the same issue happen to me today and here’s what I think the issue is and why its so hard to get a high CTR with the sponsor system. I really hope roblox makes it easier for starter devs because how is anyone gonna make really good games if they can never get their first game going.

It’s really disheartening that we’re back where we were just a year ago:

I’ve noticed that CPP prices have been increasing steadily. I did several sponsors of the same game from December 5th of last year to August 31st of this year, and their CPPs were as follows:

:robux: 2.11,
:robux: 2.31,

All of them are in the ballpark of 1 to 2 Robux per play, but with the exception of the last value, it is a linear slope upwards. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to suspect something could be happening to make sponsors more costly over time.

But that’s not why I felt the need to talk about this. They suddenly had an enormous spike. My last couple of sponsors on all of my games have been significantly more expensive. I did two more sponsors on the game I mentioned earlier, and their CPPs were :robux:16.24 and :robux:17.54. I see the same trend with my other games, with CPP going from :robux:5 to :robux:18.75.

One year ago (the week of December 5th to December 12th) I got 4,039 visits for 6,000 Robux. I did a one-day ad yesterday and here are the results: 380 visits for 7,000 Robux. I can’t recommend strongly enough to everyone that you do not waste your money on sponsors. With CPPs consistently in the :robux:16-20 range, it’d cost 100,000 Robux to get about 6K visits.


About roughly 6 months ago I placed 1899 Robux on a sponsor and 3800 Robux on an ad for a game.

Which one did better?

The ad got 2315 clicks
The sponsor? A measily 300 clicks.

The game? Roblox's Race To The Heavens (EASY MODE ADDED) - Roblox

The ad got more than double the clicks for only double the price.

It’s sad because sponsoring used to be much, much, much more effective. Honestly, Roblox makes it hard for new developers to get a start up. But I’d 100% go with ads after I ran this experiment.