I usually do scripting, but i have decided to start trying something different for once. Thoughts on this build so far? (Very early on.)

Hello there!
Recently, I decided to try something new. I usually play around with scripts and other things, such as UI design, but today, I tried my hand at starting building. This is in no way even close to finished, but I am building a 70’s styled neon cafe, as a showcase, or vibe, whatever you want it to be.

Here is my work so far as well as reference image:

Reference Image:
My work so far (Keep in mind I do not usually do building):
I am particularly proud of these blinds. Not sure why, but I think I did pretty well on them.
Also going to give a pic of the interior so far, because why not? I am aware it is bare, but I’ve just started.
All in all quite proud of this, especially considering this is my first time making a larger-scale detailed build. Updates will come over time; And any feedback or tips are appreciated.

Update: A little extra work goes a long way. I spent about 20 minutes making this sign and using Union/negate on it, but it is well worth it, and I have learned a ton. Here, you can see the sign partially:
I have decided it will be called “Cafe 67”.


the text is too uh cartoony, the walls are undetailed, the neon lights are too bright


Thank you for your feedback! Since I have never done a bigger build like this before, any and all feedback helps me out a lot. Firstly, I have just changed the sign’s font, and now it looks less cartoony. I do agree that it did look cartoony there, and so I have changed it.

Secondly, which walls are you speaking about? If you mean the walls with graffiti, yes, they are. I am currently trying to think of how to get the painting of the car from the original reference picture onto Roblox. Once I have that, it will be set. If you mean the other, more gray-ish walls, I actually intended for them to be this way-- To me, it looks simplistic, yet sleek. However, if you have any ways you would change them, let me know and I can do that. :smiley:

Third, I agree with this as well-- I’ll work on toning down the brightness with the neon. I am still trying to get used to building like this, and, this helps out a lot. Thank you for all the feedback, and I will start working on these additions to this build immediately. I have been tweaking this build, and, with this feedback, I can make it even better. Thanks again.


I really like how it’s turned out so far! The biggest thing I would recommend would be to utilize unions and negates to get those curves more prominent, 70s architecture is super curvy and wacky. You might also consider toning down the neon brightness a bit as the other guy suggested. Keep working on it, looks dope man :slight_smile:


Really good build for your first time building something like this.

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I actually tried doing that with the sign as you can see here, and it didn’t go too well, though it did work and create a sign-like shape! I am still getting used to unioning/negating parts, and this has allowed me to get a lot better at it. Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

Thank you! I guess trying something new and getting outside my own comfort zone to learn is a great thing to do-- Here, it has helped me learn a lot, including how to properly negate and union parts to create one model! All the positive feedback really helps out a lot.

Honestly blender would probably give you better results, but unioning/negating is a simplified version that doesn’t require exports each time you make a model.

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I would recommend meshes instead of unions. Unions create un-needed tris. If you are trying to do a large amount of unions, I would use a different software where you can manage your performance (like blender).

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Don’t worry, we all start with no knowledge! and to be your first try, its pretty good!

Quick trick: To make neon parts less bright, make their transparency’s 0.3 or 0.5, they still are bright but dont make people blind!

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Thank you all so much for the feedback. I will try using blender for this as well as using meshes, and, using @MrOof_9400’s feedback and tips, have managed to make the neon much less likely to send you to an eye doctor.

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That’s a very Bob Ross response.


This is already looking much better.
I even got a door in with a little ‘Open’ sign, just like in the reference image. My game is coming along with feedback! Any more is highly appreciated.


Not that this is really necessary since it already looks great, but making some of the neon parts flicker to mimic flickering lights would make it look realistic.

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make the open sign more natural, make the door less ‘scifi’ or whatever. i like that you fixed the font, but now you should really add wall details, etc, and change the font for the 24/7 thing as it does not fit the theme.

now i would like to show you a new tool that you could use with your builds to add a sense of feeling to your textures. Texture Library Plugin

i use it a lot. and also use a road pack for the road lol

like this roblox one (edited by domthemomrblx for performance). note that because of LODs textures get messy and weird when you are on max mesh level or even 3 or 2, so make that distance based.

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it looks very cartoon styled, you should learn using blender. Idk, im just sayin.

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It looks pretty good for beginning. It could definitely use some detail as @IceTheOneAndOnly said, but overall pretty nice for beginning building, so awesome job!

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Pretty cool for someone who doesn’t build. I can’t really say much since the lighting and quality of the images are not that good but here’s what I think.

  • Neon roof is too bright, try using a cooler blue color or maybe lower the bloom. Something like this maybe.

  • I don’t really like using slate for the walls, I think plastic or maybe even brick would look better.

  • The graffiti is kinda bad compared to the one on the reference.

  • Those 3 red neons looks out of place.

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As someone who is personally a huge fan of your work, I would like to thank you for the feedback.

I have lowered the bloom and will try something more along the lines of this; thank you!

This is something I plan on changing soon. I was trying to match it to the reference image as much as possible but could not find any graffiti images on roblox that somewhat matched the one in the reference, so I am working on adding my own unique twists to it right now. If you have any ideas for what could go on that wall, fell free to drop them here!

From the reference image:
You can see the 3 red neons are part of this build. I plan on changing them to somehow match better, and this is something I am working on right now.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.

You can try uploading your own if you can’t find anything on the library.

Ah, I feel like they are too thick and big. I tried recreating it here but then again it is your twist so it doesn’t really matter.

Also here’s a tip try using lower increments for more detailed stuff. You can go from 0.25, 0.1, 0.05, 0.025 increments as you go on. Anyways good luck with your build man, I’d like to see it when it’s completed.

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if you want it realistic, use the Future technology inside of Lightning