Importing with materials blender

so im trying to import a tree with its colors from blender to roblox studio, but when i try it always goes grey.

does anyone know how to fix this?


I would suggest just exporting each part as a different file and coloring them within blender. However, I’ve heard that you can export it has an FBX to save the base colors that you have given it within blender.

i tried that and its still grey.

Well, if exporting it as an .fbx doesn’t work, I’d suggest just exporting each part as a different file so that you can individually color/give them textures within studio itself. You can follow this: Something to help you all with multiple blender mesh exports so that you will have an easier way to export your meshes as a batch. However, if you are using blender 2.8 make sure that you check the comments to see the other download you need rather than the 2.7 download, and in order to get to your preferences on 2.8 you must click edit/preferences.

Um Im not sure if this would work ,but maybe if you make and put a texture on the tree then it mite work. But again I am not sure.

Please search before creating a new thread this has been covered many times on the dev forum.


You could also turn it into a FBX and import it through the game explorer. Go to meshes and right-click and add. Then when make sure the meshes are loaded and select all the ones you want to import, and click import with location and color them.

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what kind of mesh? specialmesh or blockmesh?

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No, no, no. You use game explorer. Game explorer → Meshes …> right click then “add mesh” → upload right mesh → wait for importing → go into your meshes folder and select the meshes you want to import. → right click while selected and click import with location. Resize and color.
Note: Use .fbx as your file.
Note: THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR TEXTURES. Only if you want to texture and color in studio. If you want to import with textures, check out @jordonh23’s post above.


You would have to bake the textures on to the mesh. There’s a whole tutorial on how to do it here:


is this in blender? or roblox studio? me and my friends have been struggling for hours.

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This would be done in blender.

This is also can be done with Vertex Colors, but it probably only works on MeshParts.