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Infinite Scripter is a plugin that allows you to create modules that will run in studio and in game that allows you to do things around the cameras focus position

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Can you elaborate on this? It isn’t clear from the post why its called “Infinite Scripter” as it seems to be working with terrain.


All the plugin does is load modules and calls functions inside your modules as you move your camera around

What you do within them modules is up to you the plugin comes with some pre made modules to give you examples of some things you can do

But your not limited to what the presets do

For more in-depth information you can follow the video that will show you how to make your own module


Greatings there, amazing plugin, I acualy was messing around for like 4-5 hours, but I have just one question, is it posible to move from local script to normal script, if yes then how I could do it?

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it is possible you would create a script that uses each players characters position to generate terrain around there character


I see, what i would need to change that it would work on normal script?

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you would have to make your own script and your script would have to keep track of all the players positions and then generate the terrain around each player

my localscript was not designed to work on the server side


I’m messing around with the terrain, and I’ve got it working serverside, but I’m not quite sure how the whole “chunks” thing works, since I’m trying to force load specific locations(meaning the terrain is there even if a player isn’t within range) which I can do by just calling the .Load function, or so I thought.

I can in fact call it to load a chunk and also I have a locking method so it doesn’t automatically unload, but it seems a bit buggy, since from what I saw in the module I just have to send the position, and then it figures out what chunk it’s in, but it’s never the correct chunk that gets loaded, it’s always like 1k - 10k studs away from where it was supposed to in the first place, I tried with both X / Z along with gridX / gridZ, and neither worked properly, and was hoping maybe you could explain the terrain chunk system?

(or the formula that would be used to calculate which chunk a certain position would be in)

Edit :

I made a different solution, since I was using the forceloading so I could properly do raycasts to detect what the height in that location was, I simply changed the Height function to be able to return the height which means I can simply compare it to the desired height and get the result, eliminating raycasting altogether, which personally I think is a good thing.

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Small update that fixes the task.synchronize() should only be called from a script that is a descendant of an Actor warning


Greatings there once again

sorry to interupt you, but i have question, can i change the seed in the advance script, beceause i was trying to find it, but no result

Sincerely Gort

P.S i manage to move the local script to server side =D

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you can find it in the data module

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How i can generate it once and when generated i don’t need the script for generation ? (it dont unload when not around)

Inside the module is a part where it will clear the terrain delete that part of the code

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Is there an easy way to go about adjusting all the heights around a specific point to a single Y level without having the possibility of it creating holes in the terrain? it would be easy if the Y level I was trying to take it to was consistent, but since it’s not, I’m struggling to figure out how I would go about implementing this. The positioning also changes so I can’t base it on a spline going from that location or something like that

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you could use a map or you could do a magnitude check and then lerp the height based on how far you are from that point

Mapping the area won’t work since I’m doing an infinite map, I tried magnitude but I determine where the location is during the generation process so half the chunk is done while the rest isn’t.

Although I may just make it go fully off of chunks and only generate one building per chunk and restrict the chunk level while doing that rather than trying to individually restrict each voxel.

Alternatively I could maybe have a secondary generation going, slightly before the other one, but not actually create the terrain with it, simply do all the calculations for how the general topographical layout is, and then use that to determine where I should stick the building, and restrict it based off of that. my one worry with that is it’s going to start impacting performance a lot.

Also I was wondering if there’s a method to get a location’s data table, since I’ve not seen one, and with it I think I’d be able to accomplish it, since preferably I wouldn’t need to make a table that caches every location’s data table.

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if you take a look at the noise preset there is Worley noise that calculates points in 3D space but you could change it to 2D and it uses magnitude to workout the distance. I’m not 100% sure what your doing but it might help you

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I implemented Worley noise, sadly it didn’t give the result I was looking for, I plan now just to spawn the structure high enough to not clip any terrain, and then extend parts for a foundation sort of thing, I’m just hoping it doesn’t look weird, but there’s only one way to find out

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I am once again asking for assistance with this outstanding plugin.

Is there a way to have a mapped spot placed at a specific location that isn’t it’s original saved location?
I was thinking just adding onto the mapped position with the specified location, but I’m not quite sure if that would work, also is there a way to smooth off around a mapped spot without having to manually copy the surrounding terrain and smoothing it there?

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it is possible you can also do lerping to smoothly enter the map based on magnitude from the centre of the map