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As LGBTQ develops a community of acceptance, we continue to update our services and conditional terms. You can find relevant group information, detailed logging, and even future endeavors for LGBTQ here! If you’d like to suggest the addition of new content, feel free to make a suggestion in LGBTQ’s Official Communications Server under the group’s Social Links tab.

Below you can find content and attachments/links regarding group information and updates.

:bookmark_tabs: Table of Contents

  • Section 1, Group Regulations
  • Section 2, Affiliation Information
  • Section 3, Staff Information
  • Section 4, Group Relations - Public Transcripts
  • Section 5, Group Role Information
  • Section 6, Update Logs - Roblox Group
  • Section 7, Update Logs - Discord
  • Section 8, P.R.I.D.E. Standards and Our Promise
  • Section 9, U.S. Crisis Timeline

:open_book: Information

:bird:Social Links

LGBTQ’s Roblox Group
LGBTQ’s Official Twitter Page
LGBTQ’s Official Communications Server - Join via the following invitational code, JGY8g8dNch.

NOTE: This informative board is subject to editing and reformatting as new boards, information, and topics are created or edited. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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