Looking for feedback - Blox Royale

Really fun game. It’s my new favorite! Unfortunately, most of the players are on Xbox and don’t know how to join a match. I can’t even find a match with anyone.


Still looking for feedback on how we can improve the game! Did a few more fixes over the last few hours.

I would suggest rethinking the UI layout to make it more user-friendly. Currently, it’s hard for new players to find out how to play a game. There’s no clear “Play” button, rather a player has to either select “1v1” or “2v2.” I would suggest making a user-friendly play option so that people aren’t stuck in the lobby trying to figure out how to play this game.

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Made a lot of bug fixes and small changes and would appreciate some more feedback.

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So as so as I started with the tutorial I was surprised because The name lead me to believe that It was a Battle Royale Game when in fact it is more stratergy based. 2nD The Tutorial Took an unnecosery amount of time to complete. 3rD In the tutorial at least it felt boring and plain Just click when ever ready. I do like how the Game Looks And I think It could Be Great.

I also Just noticed that its all just bots and that Will Affect your games Ratings Alot to all who Dislike fake multiplayer games.

It is not a fake multiplayer game, we just match you with bots if a player matching cannot be found else you may be stuck matching for a long times.

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Alright Sorry. I would recommend then Making it Clear to the player that They will Be Matched with a bot.

I just got out of a match where my units where Destroyed by another players Higher level units. This can create a sense of unbalance so I thought I should Let you know.

I also only Received Coins From 2v2 Matches?
Issue: I Just got Stuck Opening A chest Roblox’s Preformance Stats froze and I Couldn’t get out of that screen. Particles in the background were still playing.

Cool game! The UI is very clean, looks a lot like TDS! (I assume that’s the inspiration!) There isn’t too much to critique, but I found a few things:

The lighting on the maps themselves needs some work. I think you should be using Depth Of Field instead of blur, that gives off a cooler effect. It’s also using the default skybox…

That’s a bit of a no-no, it really doesn’t fit the style of the game. The sun is very nice, not too many people can get the sunrays effect to look good, so kudos to you for that.

I think you should also make the water color a bit better:

It looks like the default to me. The lobby also needs a bit of work. (Lighting-wise!).

The depth of field is very strong, and only in the distance. I personally would make the depth of field around .2, and make the distance 25-50. Also, the skybox doesn’t fit in with the overall theme of the game:

Cartoony game with overly real skybox doesn’t look good.

As for gameplay, there isn’t much I can say-- it’s really fun! I will note, the ProximityPrompt goes too far. You shouldn’t be able to interact with the pirate from this far:

I’ll give it to you, performance is very good! I don’t see issues there. Let me know if you have any other questions or want me to test something else. (I love QA testing.)


Thanks for the feedback, there are not very many good looking skyboxes out there and im not sure how they would be made cartoony.

I’ve messed around with the depth of field settings and reduced the interact distance on the prompts.

Thanks for playing! :slight_smile:

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Have you tried using Atmos? That’s where I find all of my skyboxes.

There’s a couple great cartoony skyboxes in there.

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You could try outsourcing them from other sites and uploading royalty-free ones to roblox for personal use I’ve personally done this before.


One thing that might have to be changed is the artwork try resizing the original artwork to 1920x1080px as this is the best resolution to upload at higher resolutions get downsized and lower ones look uneasy on the eyes to say the least. If you never got a copy of the artwork at that size there are many free AI image enhancement programs which will raise the resolution of the image whilst maintaining your quality and increasing detail in some cases.

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Thanks for that, i’ll use that now!

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We would appreciate some feedback on our tutorial since currently that has a very low pass rate:
Are there any areas of It which were confusing? boring? or bad experience otherwise.

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Testing on other platforms would also be great and help out!

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The game is recently getting alot of dislikes in the last hour and we have no idea why?? There is nothing wrong with the game? (No bugs or anything.)

The game is fun. Im just not a fan of the lighting and gui design. very dull looking. Also it would be better if the camera was easier to move in battles just so you could see the whole picture. Unlike games like tower defense, it requires quick action and you want to see your troops battling others. It would be nice if you could switch from 2d to 3d movement of the camera.
Also, the battle goes too quickly. In 3 seconds, i had lost both of my towers without me even knowing.

Additionally, the pathfinding has a lot of bugs.