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Hey, my name is Luca and I’ve been on the Roblox platform for about 7 years now and have been actively developing for 4 years of that. I work best in building / modelling but I also have a very clear knowledge of programming and can script most stuff. My main style a year ago was primarily low poly pieces, but recently I’ve moved away from that and now do a lot more detailed builds and models.

I’ve worked in large teams of people before and even lead all creative aspects of projects in the past, I do prefer to work by myself however but I am open to and can work with other people. I also have my own website now so I’d be grateful if you checked that out, visit it here

How I make my assets

I use a mixture of Roblox Studio and Blender to make my models, sometimes either one is easier or will have a better outcome than if I were to create it in the other program. Depending on what I’m commissioned for textures may need to be used and they’re either sourced from websites that do high quality textures or if its simple enough I just create one. I’m very flexible around what models I need to create whilst also trying to adhere to the wanted quality of the game or working based off of trying to get performance as good as possible.

Services I Offer

I can be commissioned for asset packs, map planning, building and modelling.

Builds and Maps


Industrial Loft Apartment


Various Low Poly Maps

Knife Clicker Game

Low Poly Security Room

This commission is a good example of trying to get good detail, whilst also maintaining a very low part count, so performance is as good as possible.

This second image better visualises the low part count.

Tufton Street, Westminster London - Showcase


Story Game House

Another Fashion Game

SCP Containment Lab

Living Space - Showcase

Fashion Game

Retro'd V2

Mediterranean House

Loft Apartment

Low Poly Survival Course


Blue Themed Living Room - Showcase

Escapee - Showcase

111 West 57th Street - Showcase

Anime Destroyers


House Party - Showcase

Murder Mystery Lobby

Sunnys Diner

Del Perro Heights, Apt 44 - Showcase
  • Got inspired by one of grand theft auto’s apartments are tried my best to recreate it. Give it a play here

Tropical Island
  • Get it for free here

  • A restaurant I made one night

A Rainy Day - Showcase
  • Just a showcase I made one evening when I was bored. Give it a play here

Boss Brawl
  • Boss brawl is a game on Roblox where your objective is to defeat a big boss and level up to purchase new weapons and gear every few rounds. You can play it here

Vez Vibes
  • Miami Vibe is a 3 floor apartment I designed in a couple of weeks with Vez Vibes

  • This is Chicago Vibe, a smaller game compared to Miami Vibe, you can play it here


Retro'd Diner


  • Mexican Style restaurant

Bethesda Square, NYC

The Craziest Gameshow Ever

Egyptian Map

  • Deathrun Style map for @Maxx_J’s upcoming game the “Craziest Gameshow Ever”

Japanese Map

  • Another map for the game

Fashion Mania
  • The room players would dress up in.

  • A Greek themed runway for players to walk down when it’s judging time.

  • The starting lobby for players

Mario Inspired Map
  • This map was a commission for @tbouy and is for one of his new projects.

  • Just a fun map I made in some spare time.

Seven Deadly Sins
  • Liones, Bernia Village

  • Forest Of White Dreams


Origin Online

Sunset Salon
  • Small project I took on a while back

Asset Pack Examples

My Free Low Poly Food Pack

Youtube Style Pack

My Free Low Poly Desert Pack

Environmental Pack

Japanese Pack

Mario Pack

Egypt Pack

My Free Low Poly Nature Pack

My Free Low Poly Horror Pack


Portal Diorama

Just a little something I put together after getting some inspiration off twitter.

Mars Base

Just something I made in a few hours whilst I was bored. Took me around an hour to do.

My time zone is GMT so if when hiring me please be aware that I might not always be available to answer to questions or respond to feedback.

I am available most days but please note that school takes about 6 hours out of my day through week days, I will pick my days to work for you and do my best to complete the work within your time frame if one is given.


You may not resell anything made by me, I made that for you and it is yours

I won’t start working on the project unless the down payment has been sent

If an order is cancelled at any point before you’ve sent the final payment then you will not be refunded of anything already sent, of course an exception will be made if it’s literally been a matter of minutes, you will get a partial refund

Don’t pass off my creations as your own, this is just a given

Small orders are usually completed within a week or two, larger scale ones or more detailed ones tend to take a month or two. With that being said don’t rush me when I work, I do things at a pace which will maintain the quality you ordered off me for

If it gets to final payment and you’re for some reason refusing to pay or trying to get a discounted price, then that is your problem. I can easily sell your order online to someone else who will actually pay the full price

Following on from that previous term, you don’t own anything made by me until you’ve sent the final payment, even after the down payment

This isn’t as important but relax, I feel a lot more comfortable and motivated completing orders for someone who I can talk to and have a chat with


All orders begin with a down payment of £150

Final price is decided when I’m approaching the end of the order, usually I just go off an hourly rate of £13/h then add it up

When the final price is payed and I’ve sent the file, any asked changes to the commission after that point will be counted as revisions/corrections and I charge the same rate of £10/h for them

As a courtesy of ordering from me, and at my discretion, I offer a free hour of revisions after an order has been completed to get some things right that may have been looked over

That’s all, if you feel your order doesn’t fit what I’ve listed above then mention so when contacting me and I’m sure we can figure something out

All prices are in GBP or the Robux equivalent

By contacting me you agree to all the terms and prices.

And all commissions’ workspaces are organised, because I care.


Workspace example

When contacting me please include a clear explanation of what it is you want, your budget and your deadline. I usually reply pretty quickly and If I don’t I will the next day. Also please read the terms and pricing

The only ways to contact me is now through my websites contact page
Or my discord : lucawave1011

That’s all and thanks for reading


Hey! I am wondering, I have seen some of your work, And I am wanting to start a developer team, I Make maps for epic minigames, And I can build anything, from lowpoly to realistic! We are wondering if we could start a team of developers for fun, Not pay, or anything, But when games do blow up, We all get a third! I hope you get back to me! I am looking forward to working with you CONTACT ME-

Discord- DYS_0N#1735

I hope you get back to me! :smiley:


Your work is astonishing, great job. Lovely work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grinning:


I worked with this builder before and got a great quality build with a fast turnaround. :+1:


Overall, I got a pretty good build. The prices are very high I must say. I paid 16k for what could have been 10k overall. I recommend buying from Iucag, he does a good job at building. If you plan on paying a large amount, expect to wait multiple weeks. Took 2 and a half weeks for my cafe to be build. He communicates well, although he is very busy most of the time. Good build, im decently satisfied for the most part. Not alot of complaints.


I would highly recommend him! He built an amazing map for a good price and an amazing turn around time. He is very passionate about his work and puts his heart into every project. If you are looking for an amazing builder and an amazing person I would recommend @Iucag!


He worked on some maps with me and was open to constructive criticism and was very patient and creative. He would be a great asset for your team if you hire him for as builder / modeler.


Ordered a map and it got done exceptionally quick within one week; the final product is better than I could have ever imagined it.


I ordered from @iucag and got an amazing build! He was open to criticism and always active to respond to me, I got my map with within one week and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend him! :slight_smile:


Hey I absolutely love your work! I’m currently searching for a 3D modeler and I think I’m going to choose you. I am currently looking for some single asset pieces like trees, balloons, roller skates, ect. I’ll contact you on Discord whenever you’re open. Thanks!

Discord: Skylexion#0037

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I would definitely recommend hiring Luca! He did such an amazing job and had amazing service! Would 100% recommend!


If your commissions do end up opening, please contact me. I have been searching for a food modeler for over a week. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response, definitely too much for my budget. Thanks anyways!

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Recently, I hired Luca to construct me a 50s and 60s diner and boy did I know what I was getting myself into. From the moment I communicated with Luca his communication was one of the best I have seen on this platform of developers. He’s constantly re-communicating, sharing screenshots, and making sure what’s being completed is the best for you. Additionally, he was more than open to construct criticism and changes that occurred on and within the map/build and he not once complained about them. He’s so devoted, compassionate, and really does care about not just his building but his client too.

His builds are firstly the best detail that I have ever come across and that is a fact. He’s so precise and complex which makes looking at the builds aesthetic pleasing. He did a wonderful job and I could not have asked for a better partnership from him. Overall, I really believe you should hire Luca for his services as they are amazing. I’ve definitely made a friend and a partner in life and I cannot be more happy that I have.


I’ve compiled my best work and finally created a website, you can visit it here :partying_face:

From the start Luca showed professionalism, great communication and passion for his craft. Luca was able to turn my ideas for this project into reality while also adding some of his own, showcasing his talent and pride for his work. After build was complete, I asked to add/change a list of things and he did so within a short amount of time. Definitely recommend working with Luca, as I’m also looking forward to working with him again.

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