Introducing Assistant in Studio [Beta]

Hello creators,

Today, we are excited to bring Assistant to Studio as a beta feature, following the release of Assistant for Docs in October. In addition to answering documentation questions, the Studio version of Assistant can create and insert scripts in targeted cases, explain highlighted code, and generate new materials. This is just the beginning. Over time, Assistant will take more actions to help you accelerate your creative process.

Our vision is for Assistant to help you get from idea to creation faster. We believe that generative AI has the potential to enhance and accelerate creation for all creators. If you are just starting, we want to help you find answers and learn how to create on Roblox. If you are an experienced creator, we want to help you collaborate more effectively, reduce mundane tasks, prototype new concepts faster, and help you focus on higher-order problems like improving your core loop.

Building a “the floor is lava” game with Assistant

Let’s walk through how you could use Assistant to build a simple game where the floor is lava.

Assistant can search our documentation to help give you tips on creating this type of experience. First, you can ask Assistant “How can I make a “the floor is lava!” game?”

Assistant can generate materials using generative AI. Create a part that is a broad and flat rectangle and select it. Then, ask Assistant to “generate a lava material.”

Let’s make that lava affect the player’s health if they step on it. Assistant can generate scripts and attach them to Parts or MeshParts. Ensure your part is selected, and ask it to “insert a script that makes a player lose 10 pts of health when touching this part”.

Lastly, to reinforce what we built and understand how this works, we can ask Assistant to explain a code block.

With a few prompts, we created a few basic pieces for our game. Using Assistant and our development skills, we can expand on our game, such as adding additional safe places to jump or power-up modules to add to the score.

Getting started with Assistant

How to Enable Assistant in Studio

Assistant is a beta feature. To enable Assistant:

  1. Go to FileBeta Features and check the Assistant box.

  2. Restart Studio

  3. Click Assistant in the top right corner of Studio

You can ask questions in the “Enter your request” text box—the more specific your prompt, the better.

How to clear the chat
Clear chat anytime by clicking on the three ellipses and selecting “Clear chat.”

Give feedback to improve Assistant
You can let us know whether Assistant helped answer your question. Click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons. Your feedback helps us improve Assistant.

You can also re-prompt Assistant with your question by clicking the icon with the two curved arrows, generating a new response.

You can provide feedback by selecting thumbs up or thumbs down or re-run the prompt by clicking the cycle icon

Use Cases for Assistant

Assistant can help you create more efficiently by:

  • Answering questions - Instead of navigating back and forth between docs and Studio, Assistant will answer your questions right in your workspace. Assistant can help you build, grow, and monetize your experience.

    • Try the following prompts:
      • “How do I build a racing game?”
      • “What does CollectionService do?”
      • “What kind of scripts should be LocalScripts?”
      • “How can I grow my player base?”
  • Inserting scripts under a selected Part or MeshPart - Assistant can help you add interactivity quickly to your experience by writing simple scripts and placing them under the selected Part or MeshPart.

    • Try selecting a part and asking Assistant to:
      • “Insert a script to make this change colors randomly every second”
      • “Add a script to propel this part away from the player when touched by the player”
      • “Add a script to decrease player health by 10% when touching this part”
  • Explaining code - Reviewing other people’s code can be challenging. Assistant can make collaborating on scripts more enjoyable by helping explain how selected code works

    • Try opening a script from Explorer, highlighting part of the script, right-clicking on it, and selecting “Explain Code.”
    • Alternatively, you can ask Assistant “What does this code do?” in the chat window.
  • Generating materials - Assistant can use AI to create new materials for you.

    • Try asking Assistant to:
      • “Generate a new 70s floral wallpaper material”
      • “Create a rotting wood planks material”
      • “Create a mystical galaxy material”

Intellectual Property and Generative AI

We will be sharing a primer soon on best practices for protecting intellectual property when creating with generative AI. Let us know any questions you have, and we’ll work on including responses in our post.

Safety and Responsibility

As with all Studio tools, please remember that what you build is your responsibility and must adhere to our Community Standards. Assistant has been created with safety in mind and has built-in filters on both input and output. Using it to create offensive content will have the same consequences as using any other tool. Please report any issues using the thumbs-down feedback mechanism.

Known Issues

  • Given that this is a beta feature, you may experience reduced performance or limits on the number of questions you can ask per day depending on your overall usage.

  • Assistant has some limitations today, such as not having the full context of your scene or data model and can only take basic actions.

  • We will improve its capabilities and provide more contextual understanding over time.

What’s Next

This is only the beginning, and we plan to continue to improve Assistant and our generative AI solutions to help make creating faster and more accessible. Some capabilities we’re working on are:

  • Releasing AI-powered texturing, similar to Material Generator, but providing the ability to generate and apply textures to meshes. [Early 2024]

  • Continuing to improve the effectiveness and capabilities of our AI-powered coding solutions, including debugging capabilities and adding script beyond Part and MeshPart. [Early 2024]

  • Enabling Assistant to insert models, arrange 3D scenes, and make building and prototyping scenes more efficient. [Early 2024]

Let us know what you’d like to see next! We can’t wait to see what you create! Check out the Assistant Docs for more information.

Thank you.


At RDC, you demoed some capabilities like scene generation and AI-powered texturing. Are these included?

  • Not yet. Next year, we plan to add capabilities like inserting and arranging models, AI-powered texturing, and more.

How will you prevent inappropriate content from being generated?

  • We have safety controls for each step of the Assistant creation flow. The conversational layer will have checks to ensure it won’t say anything inappropriate. Each capability has its checks (e.g., material generation has a text filter and generated images go through image auto-moderation). Ultimately, you are responsible for the content you upload to Roblox. Please report any issues using the thumbs-down feedback mechanism.

Will my data be included in your models?

  • By default, all the data used in our Generative AI models will be from publicly available and opt-in data provided by creators.

Do I have to opt-in my data to use Roblox AI solutions such as Assistant?

  • You can use Roblox AI solutions like Assistant regardless of whether you share data with us to improve our models. If you choose to not share your data, your version of Assistant will only be trained on publicly available data and will not include the enhanced model based on opt-in community data.

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Best update ever


I’ve been a bit concerned over the material generator in Assistant, there still needs to be better messaging upfront that whatever you choose as a material will get uploaded under your account.

Also there’s been some issues with PBR textures getting moderated and those aren’t displayed to the user, so you could get moderation action due to that


The issue with PBR textures being moderated should be addressed. Please let us know if you or anyone you know run into moderation issues with material generation.


could you scroll up a little bit?


This should be very fun… will use for sure


Can’t wait to see all of the innocent things people will use this for!


Oh this is pretty neat, I can now ask a ChatGPT-like assistant for questions and to quickly look up documentation if I gotta find something related to whatever I’m working on?


I’ve been using assistant for a month or so now, and the only complaint I have, besides the performance, is not having chat history. Once you leave the page (using the website version) or close the chat in studio, you lose access to it. Are there plans to add this feature?


Thanks for your feedback. Chat history is in our roadmap for early 2024. Stay tuned.


I hope to see longer context limits, I recently tried using the assistant but ran into it.

I got more accurate help on the forum, but I understand it’s developing technology. :sweat_smile:


I was trying out this assistant in the studio beta when I encountered issues. Upon accepting the terms, the AI began typing and would not finish typing. It is ignoring all future requests despite restarting studio, removing the assistant, opting out and back into the beta, and more debugging. It is unfortunate because I wanted to try it, however, it is not working for me as of right now.

Edit 1: After taking a while to reply, it updates saying it is still working on the response. It also noted a high volume of requests.


are you still seeing this issue? I just tried and it worked for me.


Yes. I asked it “Write code to print “Hello”” and it is giving me the same messages about still working on the request. I have tried to stop generation and give it new prompts, however, it continues with the same responses and failure to attempt it. Sometimes the message bubbles just become blank and say “stop generation”. It usually does this when I first open the assistant.


What is with all of the updates these days, this is amazing!


I’ve had access to this for around two weeks and this seems to be very limited. I tried asking it to generate some materials, it said it couldn’t. I’ve asked it to explain some code (as a test), it said that was against TOS (only sometimes but still happens once and a while), I’ve asked it about certain functions instead of going to the documentation, it says a lot of somewhat newly added functions (like within the past year) don’t exist even when they do. It does work in some situations but I’ve had several issues with it so far. It definitely needs work and I’m glad it’s still in beta. I think with some tweaks and maybe more training data, this will be a great feature, but right now for me at least, it’s kind of useless for anything more than some basic tasks. Am looking forward to seeing how this improves overtime though.


Thanks for the feedback! Can you tell me more about the issues with materials? Feel free to DM if you prefer.


Certainly! To be fair, I don’t know if stuff has been updated since I last tried, but as of about a week ago when I tried it initially, I gave it a very similar prompt to this:
“Generate me a material of SUBJECT”. Can’t remember exactly what the material was, but nothing that should stop it from generating (I think it was something like a wood texture but I can’t remember for sure). Then I got the response saying my request needs to follow TOS. I tried again with a slightly different prompt (e.g., “Create a wood texture for me”) and it just gave me a high level overview on how I might create a texture myself but not actually generating one. It has also just said it couldn’t with similar prompts. I didn’t spend too much time with it and I am certainly not an expert on prompting so maybe it’s just me doing something wrong. Not sure though.

I will say I just tested it out right now and it worked so I don’t know how common the issue is or if there has been some tweak to the system that resolves the issue.

Not sure if this will help but I also got the TOS response when I asked it to review a code snippets performance (as I knew there was an issue with it but wanted to see if it could figure it out as well) and it gave me the same TOS response as with materials. This one I assume may have been triggered through something in the code snippet (maybe an abbreviation for a variable name?) but that’s my best guess for that one.


wont use this to make stuff for me, but for fixing scripts i definitely will