A few useful gui options to make beautiful interfaces

So, I have a few ideas for guis that could really help games look very, VERY nice. My ideas consist of the following:

A blur property on gui objects.
This would be very useful because it would allow developers to have a sort of clouded glass look to their guis. It looks really nice on iOS and I feel like developers here could use it very well to create amazing interfaces. Also, transparency would tint the blur effect, so if an object is white and 100% transparent it would just blur one part of the screen, while if an object is white and completely opaque it would just show up as a normal gui. In between would just tint the blur the color of the gui.

A Transparency Override Effect.
Essentially this would be a boolean that if active will take all the gui stuff right under it not show up so the transparency of the object shows the world and not the gui element under it. Any pixels outside of the element would stay the way they are. If the image that is being used as the override object has transparent pixels in the image itself (not the image transparency property) it would be factored into the gui around it. For example, if a pixel has a transparency value of 75% and it is set as an override object, the pixels on the gui below it would show through 75% and then 25% of the override image’s color would be shown on top of that. I hope that made sense. :slight_smile:

The ability to mask gui objects.
This has been suggested a million times and you all know what I mean, but i’ll make an example. If you use this with a gradient image you can make buttons with gradients on them that are circles or rounded rectangles or triangles or any shape you could want at any resolution. This would open up so many different opportunities with gui objects that I still can’t believe it hasn’t been added yet. I’m sure most of you feel the same way too. It would be nice if the image mask was it’s own object that had the masked gui as it’s parent so that we could use 9 slice and things like that on the mask to make sure rounded corners don’t look awful if the mask isn’t in the same aspect ratio as when it started.

The images below demonstrate the 9 slice property on the gui mask, as the corners on the images stay consistent while the speaker and the gradient scale with the gui object.

Anyway, I really hope these things get added, and i’ll add a poll below to see how people feel about it. Thanks!

  • Gui Blur
  • Transparency Override (Staff can probably come up with a better name)
  • Gui Object Masking

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Inherited transparency would be great, it can be a bit ugly fading out ~80 GUI objects at once.


If this is what you mean by the blur:

Then I don’t think it’ll be coming anytime soon. I’ve been told it’s pretty hard to implement for rendering issues I believe.

Yeah that’s pretty much it actually. That sucks though. And the worst part is I wanted it to work with image masking.




Sorry for necrobumping this, but I personally feel Developers really need this feature, including myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially since Roblox is removing the black neon functionality in Future is Bright.

Thanks for the interest in these features! We definitely want to implement all 3 of these, or at least make new features that would cover all of these use cases. I have no timeline to share in terms of when to expect these, but know that they are on the top of our mind.


With black neon as a way to blur behind objects, we def need a DoF and UI blur.

Really like these suggestions, and totally agree with the masking!

Sadly, with the new lighting Engine coming out, Black Neon is going to be removed.

I think a Blur material would be the best solution in this case.

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I just made a thread for a blur material after reading this. Apart from GUIs, there’s many more cool things it could accomplish!