Mocha Cafe | Looking For a GFX Artist (OPEN)


Hello! I am Tris and I am looking for a GFX artist to create a group icon for a new Café project. The Cafe is called Mocha.

I am not going to disclose too many details, however it is your standard GFX with a render, text, and effects. More information will be given if I hire you.

This is a one-time project, you will not be part of our team, however if we like your work for us we will reach out to you again.


  • You must be able to message me via DevForum. If we like your work, we will discuss further via Discord with the Chief Executive Officer.
  • You should be an experienced and professional GFX artist.
  • You should have a portfolio, as it shows you are professional. If your work is good enough, we may let you slide with just some examples


I will pay by your prices, but I’m not going to go over 1k unless your work amazes me. Pay is in ROBUX via group funds, or T-shirt. PayPal is an option too.


Please contact me on the DevForum. Only contact me if you have a linked portfolio. If we like your work, we can talk on Discord.

If you have any questions, message me.

Have a great day!


I can do pretty good Icons and i dont mind if they are round or a square. I also dont have a Portfolio but i have a picture of one of my created Icons

Ah, I am looking for group logos with renders in them.

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Hey! I can vouch for @MrDerpSavage he’s an amazing GFX artist!

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Hey! I’m Em, and I’m 100% interested! I can do anything you’d like, and I will accept any payment method you are comfortable with.

Portfolio: [ FOR HIRE ] MagicaIIyMade | Graphics Artist Portfolio

Discord: qt.emm !#4961

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I’m interested, DM me on Discord if you have not found a candidate yet. pruhjectiles#1156

Hello, Tris! I’d like to get in touch with you as I am a Graphics Designer. My portfolio can be found here. My Discord is Maestrius#6181. I’d love to get in touch with you. Thank you and have a good day!

I’m interested AmbitiousCorpral#3259

Hi. Contact me on discord , Vendent#8149. I think you will like my works

I render group logos etc, I am a GFX designer since 2017+, my Discord is; Jessie#4550, DM me there. :smiley:

I’m interested in working with you! Please message me, grace#1993

I can do some GFX for you, we can negotiate prices in messages or discord.

Finished Edition Nicholastom111 signed

That is the blender renders (not all) and PFP finished.

Im interested i can aboslutly make drawen icon or something like that. I have something like that done. Look at my portfolio then let me know if youre interested.

Hi there,
I’m KINGYSB an experienced designer and I’m interested in this position. My prices are very low & negotiable for very high-quality work.
For work and other information about me, you can check out my portfolio below.
[FOR HIRE] Cheap GFX Designer & Commissions

Feel free to contact me on discord if you are interested in hiring me for this position & any other questions.

Discord: Royal_Administration#3551

Interested. (OPEN FOR HIRE) My GFX Art Portfolio

I am interested in this position. Portfolio- [OPEN] PirateCasher - GFX Designer

Hello. I am very interested. Some examples are below.


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It’s closed, this thread is over 2 weeks old.

She just hasnt updated the title yet.

Salutations! I’m interested in taking up this offer.

Portfolio: [CLOSED!] sznix / Graphics Designer & Builder

My Discord is shabbie! ⤧#0222.

I’ll be sending you a direct message on this DevForum, too!

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