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This post has been moved and improved.

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Thanks for charging your prices free and all but i would work on some showcases and a few better UI people would definitely come here if they are lazy to make easy UI.
Rating: 2.5/10

and also said use photoshop and or photopea.

Yes I agree since it is the week day I do not get much free time but on the weekend will definily work on that. I will also work alot to improve that rating. Thank you for reading my profile though.

Commisions Still Open

Just contact me for some Cheap UI

All UI now Free for a limited Time

Is this offer still availible?

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Yes it is. If you would like any UI just message me. :grinning:

ok. Could you make some cool buttons for my game. I have the basics done. I just want it to look nice. The font is cartoon in a low poly theme.

Is that ok?
(That is the development server)

Is this your current game or what you want it to look like?

That is just the server we use for development of the actual game. The ui in it is just a temporary look. Ill find some pics of what I would like you to make.

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Sent you a message we can communicate from there.

Updated Profile. If you want anything just contact me.

Updated Profile once again.

Commisions Still Open

Added 2 New UI designs. Commisions Still Open.

Added 2 more UI to my old welcome screen. Commisions Still Open.

Is percentage available? For paying, btw.

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Yes for full game you can pay percent. If you are intersted we can talk more.

Made a spectate Frame this morning

Do you have a Discord account where I could DM you for commission details?

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