Multiple Terrain Instances

Right now in Roblox you can’t have multiple terrain instances. There is just a default one in workspace that can’t be removed. It would make the Roblox Engine better if you can have multiple terrain instances.

One use for multiple terrain instances would be for better shorelines. Terrain will often morph weirdly when water touches it as well as other types of terrain. Shorelines look pretty when there is just sand and then turn ugly when you add the water. Idk if this is fixable some other way, but if I could put water into a different terrain instance, I believe this would solve my issue b/c the water would just go through the sand and not morph it.

Another use of this would allow more options with terrain color b/c changing color of let’s say grass would not change the color of grass from other terrain instances. So you can have as many colors of grass and other terrains colors as you want.

This idea would satisfy this issue as well: