My first GFX. (Banner)

I mean how do you download it to Blender. It gives the error message that I can’t open the file. Is there an app to open HDRs?

Are you double-clicking the file or opening it in File Explorer?

I’m sorry but there is no need in continuing to argue with me. I just wanted to let you know and ask you to give constructive, not rude, criticism. Also, members of the developer forum and I do not appreciate the toxic attitude that you are pouring into every message you comment on this thread. I do not intend to respond to this message or your reply (because I am sure you will) unless absolutely neccisary.

(Probably want to hide your name at the top)

Are you opening the file in File Explorer or in Blender? If you import while using Blender’s import button everything should work fine.

EDIT: Don’t double click the file, follow my above steps to get it into a new Blender workspace.

I’m not going to continue arguing with you. It seems that you keep misunderstanding the message I’m trying to convey to you.

I’ve read your reply and said and I’m going to say this again Constructive criticism is not about giving honest and pointing out mistakes, but also giving tips, feedback and improvement. I and others have told you to please stop giving negative criticism, and instead be helpful and give tips. You only pointed out that the art was “bad” and only pointed out the mistakes that he did, giving no feedback at all. So if you have something not polite to say, or you not going to be helpful, either be helpful, and listen to other’s opinions, or don’t reply to this thread.

Criticism is welcome, but I encourge you to present it politely and constructively. Saying his art is bad without offering any tips or pros about it isn’t the best way to communicate your thoughts.


I have explained in short why that is. I have pointed out the flaws in the lighting or rather lack of it, I have pointed out the scale issue of the figure in contrast to the background, etc. I have done everything needed to fulfill a basic definition of constructive criticism. I certainly did not excel it, but neither did I fail it.

Yes! I opened it and it’s uploaded.

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In my opinion more lighting is needed, as previously said it doesn’t blend in. Also, I feel like the character is just thrown in, in my opinion it might be even levitating. Lol. Background is good but I don’t believe it’s yours. Better pose needed.

I recommend going to It’s a website that has very cool HDRIS that you can choose from!!

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Is there an object that spawns or is it just natural lighting from HDRI?

I would say it is bad since you didn’t render the background.

Don’t worry everyone, I made it so much better. Make sure to check out my next post for my newest one.

A basic summary of what I was going to say.

It was good for your first try just keep practicing not everyone is going to be perfect on the first try just don’t listen to the haters and like @moonartcommissions said there is no right or wrong or bad art you just need to keep practicing :smiley:

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I would say that it needs shadows and for lighting to match. The character seems to have a fringe around the edge as well. The pose is also slightly awkward and the angel doesn’t match the background. Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.NET/Photopea should work. If you render something out you can render it transparent anyways, though.

It’s just bad, ngl. I recommend you to pay more attention detailng your GFX. Ik it’s your first time but yeah

I’m sorry, but it looks terrible. This doesn’t look like Blender, and just looks like you slapped that image onto a random PNG file. I hope you can do a better one next time, and use a tutorial

Can you give credit to the background?
i did a google image search and found out that the background isn’t yours

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Don’t let the people get you down. Although they’re trying to give you feedback it looks like they’re letting some emotion escape. Everyone starts somewhere. Even if it’s just a png slapped onto a background. Take the advice from what these people say and build on from that. It is how you grow.

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