My low poly models

Hey everyone, i made these in blender, what do you think could be improved or what is already good ?


Dude, this is amazing. Little feedback is the sword seems a little uncomfortable to hold. But still amazing!

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Pretty sure I saw your post about the money and the texture being weird, I hope it turned out well? They are all very nice but the top part of the camera should be smoother :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the money texture was my post lol. I still have a few problems with precisions and colors bleeding on meshes they shouldn’t be on, but nothing too bad.

It’s good! and I’m glad, are the notes on the money uneven or am I looking at it differently ?

Yeah, to make the typical creases in a money stack i made half of them be just a little bit off in the x and y axies.

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Wow! That is absolutely amazing. I am a big fan of low-poly meshes and builds. I’m loving the blue gem on the bottom of that sword, adds some “spice” to it! The money stash’s color looks great, I like the change of the light green and dark green. I love how you chose to have a bullet in the mag for the pistol! Very nice, I wouldn’t change anything.

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I am loving your style, only thing i could point out is that you might wanna bevel the edges of the croissant a bit because when i scrolled down to it, it kinda seemed like macaroni this up close xD