Need Help Thinking Of Concept For Game

I am excited to start development on a simple game that does require some scripting and building! However I can’t think of an idea for my game. Got any suggestions?


It seems to be very vague when you say you want to make a game, but don’t have an idea for it. Depends on the genre/style of game you want to make. What kind of game are you thinking of designing/making? This could range from simulators, story type games, showcases and much more.


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Make your game unique, and get some inspiration off of another game. Just implement your project in a different way.

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This is the make it or break it stage that every game designer will have to overcome before you can even enter the testing stages. Being able to bring your vision to life sounds easy, however it’s far more difficult than what you would’ve ever anticipated.

Here’s a personal checklist I go through while planning;

  • Can my current skillset in level design(building/3D modeling), programming (frontend, backend) convince me enough to work on this project.
  • Am I willing to sacrifice quality for quantity just so it can be released within a reasonable timespan
  • Do I want my games concept to be 100% original or do I want it to be different?


A concept I failed to bring to life

Here’s a previous game concept I unfortunately had to scrap due to the following reasons:
My familiarity with frontend, backend programming is nonexistent at the moment so scripting it solo just wasn’t going to happen until my skillset increased. Hiring others wasn’t a good alternative either since underpay (% was offered as compensation) either resulted in slackers, unproductive teammates, I was ignored entirely, or the programmers crippled my vision to make it into a generic racing game.

My building, modeling skillset is mediocre at best and while it would’ve been acceptable for Roblox’s low standards I just couldn’t do it. Because I’m a perfectionist I cannot endorse or release quantity as it goes against what I stand for.

If you’re interested in learning more about if you feel comfortable making the necessary sacrifices to bring your project to life than I highly recommend reading this and taking each of the developers perspective into consideration.

While reading keep in mind that the logic is applicable to every game design, my mindset while writing that post at the time was to determine if I felt comfortable releasing a game I didn’t enjoy in exchange for a 0.01% chance at becoming wealthy.

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Hi! I recommend just taking time to think of creative ideas. If you can’t think of one, maybe take something simple like an obby for example, but add a creative element to it! This is just an idea, the possibilities are endless. I recommend you look at other games for inspiration, but make sure your idea is original and unique.

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i can give u a idea if u want :smiley:

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To be honest, I cannot imagine of any game that does not require any scripting or building, but the only thing that I can think of is only putting some kind of the blender creation and place it in the middle of the map and has a sign of it saying “Stare at me Pls”. Thats all.

But if you will be able to think about something, then I can’t wait.

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Not to be mean, but creating obby games will require to have some buildings skills and scripting, what I mean is that the developer needs to think if it is actually possible to beat it.

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Ye i m agree but dont mind my answer :confused:

If you don’t want to build or script, then don’t make a game.

An obby is a easy option in my opinion, as all you need to do is build and get free model checkpoints or something. If you are only looking for something you won’t need to script or build then I really don’t know what your options are.

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Brobrobrobroyo, about your failed idea, I actually wanted to play it.

That’s what I did with my brother, years ago, we were not developers, and in a future we thought about make a game, now we have the enough resources to make it! So don’t cancel your project, when you get more experience on scripting, try to make the game again! And remember to ask us (devforum developers) help!

That doesn’t matter, it’s not necessary be good at building, and make a popular game. If you create a game community, you can ask them to make a building for you, and as a reward they will get something in-game! Easy peasyyy

Thanks for reading

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Think about what you are trying to achieve making a game (main goal). Is it money or players. It really much depends on what you want to achieve in my opinion.

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I think that you should create a game that you wished was on Roblox (Like an underrated Steam game) which is small and simple but very fun to play.

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Greetings Developer.

First of all, you need a genre, something to work on, that you wanna showcase, make a game out of, etc.

Collect up your ideas, and ask yourself ‘‘What do I want to make?’’.

Then when you got ideas, and topics to build, for example:

  • A showcase (Apartment, House, Park).
  • A Café/Hotel
  • A simulator
  • An obby with modern physics (something like Shadow Run but different).
  • A game (Like Jailbreak, Meepcity, or a board game).

Then you start collecting other information, such as…

  • Who do you want to include/work with?
  • How do you wanna start?
  • What do you wanna see in your place?
  • How do you want it to look like?

And start to build things first, you wanna begin with, for example…

  • The buildings
  • The models
  • The detail
  • The terrain

Hope that helped you in any way, good luck with your project!



I didn’t say I didn’t want to build or script. Currently I am making a game and I am scripting and building at the same time. Thank you for your reply though!

Thanks for your reply! I will think about your questions and hopefully I can come up with a great idea.

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Oh, I thought you were asking for a game idea that does not require any scripting or building. I must have read wrong, my bad!

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No problem! My game idea is an adventure game revolving around fruit haha.

Here are some ways:

If you want to go for a unique game, then

  • Make something which hasn’t been made yet,
  • Go check alot of devforum posts to get some ideas

If you want to surely earn alot, then

  • Make a simulator.

*If you want to showoff your skills, then

  • Post creations on twitter which you didnt see yet and add the tags: #/Roblox #/RobloxDev.
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