New Benchmarking & Insights [Analytics Dashboards]

Hi Creators,

We are excited to announce that the Creator Analytics Dashboards has released an updated version of benchmarks so that you can track your experience’s performance against others, and understand the trends on the platform!

The benchmarks are available to all Engagement, Retention, and Monetization KPIs. They are calculated by ranking the value within each KPI from the top 10K experiences (based on playtime) into 5 tiers and are updated daily so that you can track the trends. If you make improvements to your KPI, a higher benchmark may be shown.

Updated Term of Service

As we roll out the improvements, we are also updating our Terms of Services (ToS). You will see the terms when clicking any of the standard dashboard pages. For legal and compliance reasons, it is required to accept it before seeing the dashboard. The ToS won’t show again once you agreed.

Retiring Monthly Stats Report

Along with the new benchmarks, the “Monthly Game Stats Data” report on the Developer Stats page will be retired, which means no more reports will be generated for September and going forward. You are still able to download previous reports until November 30, 2022. The new dashboard (engagement/retention/monetization pages) has more timely data and better benchmarks, so we strongly recommend you use it going forward if not already.

We hope the new benchmarks will provide better insights for you to iterate your experience more efficiently. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

The Creator Analytics Team


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very good for big games (not me haha)


Are you guys planning to bring back hourly revenues data ?


Looks like a good update. I’m not sure where else to send this request as I’ve been asking & waiting for access to the advanced analytics for my game for some time now.

I’m not sure if it’s because of a glitch or because I just haven’t been granted access but my game has been out for a couple months now and I still don’t see anywhere that shows a terms of service to accept before seeing the dashboard. Please let me know if anything is able to be done so that I can see these analytics as well. :slightly_smiling_face: Game link

EDIT; Looks like I have been granted analytics, TY


The hourly revenue data is already available.
It is in the monetization dashboard now.
See this post:


Hi Kyle:
Because recently we are working on a lot of updates we pause a little bit on the new games accessing the analytics.
But now we have enabled all the experiences that have 50 DAU above for 7 days.
It is written in the documentation site:


Per the new agreement on the dashboard:

“you expressly agree to maintain all the information presented in and/or derived from the Dashboards in confidence … you agree not to share, sell, publish or disseminate the information in any way.”

Is this suggesting that if I share how much Robux my experience has earned, or discuss things like retention or average visit length with anyone, I will be breaking the TOS? Surely that can’t be right. Thought I’d double check.


If this happens to be the case, this isn’t really fair to the developers, it should be our choice what we want to share and what we don’t


Looks like a great update! I’ll be sure to use this.


One of the most useful parts of the monthly report was showing your games rank. Hopefully this information will be carried over to the dashboard


Very neat addition!

Would love it if we could see all the rungs of the ladder rather than just the next one up.

Like “You’re at X, here’s what 1 step above you looks like.” is useful to an extent, but the leaderboard style of the old developer stat excel docs where we could see what the best of the best of that metric looked like was very helpful as a developer.

It helped to get a gauge of what our absolute ceilings were and how our games compared at a large scale.


I can definitely say this has solved most if not all of my issues with the old benchmarks. They now show what the rank of the benchmark is, and updates daily. Definitely helps me understand what these benchmarks are, which is awesome! The increase in resolution is much appreciated, as updating quarterly was not telling me enough, and if this could help us compare general trends (say increase in revenue for Christmas) with games in our specified bucket, icing on the cake.


I do have a few questions about it, and saw the create docs page for it, but the information for the benchmarking seems to be outdated. Will we see this updated?

For example, the docs page includes a tier “top 501-1000”, but the dashboard now shows top 1000 games. Does this mean top 501-1000 like before, or is this the median of top 1-1000? I’d imagine top 501-1000 would be more useful, but I’m not sure what stats we’re given here.

Also, how is the benchmark currently determined? I noticed it would give big steep changes every quarter with the old benchmarks, but now it updates daily. Was this updating our game’s rank for the benchmark, or was it just updating quarterly instead of daily? I looked into the past year, and it seems all stats have the same gameplay rank as I do in the last month, even though my game has went through drastic MAU/DAU changes periodically. Does it just compare our recent benchmark rank for the entirety of recorded data, regardless if we were in a different bucket earlier in the year for example?

Game Stats Sheet

It also mentions the benchmark based off of what our gameplay rank is. As @berezaa mentioned, the only stat I will miss from the Game Stats sheets is the gameplay rank.


Is there any chance we can see the return of this stat but with more information, such as an individual rank # on each category of page that updates, like “#532 in Monetization”, “#1005 in Engagement”, etc? I would find this useful as well, and it gives me more of an insight, as currently external analytics still tells us more with this, like what position our game is by Players and Revenue, but they just don’t have as much data to work off of.

ToS Concerns

This is also concerning to me. While I’d never sell this data, I often share my analytics to other fellow developers to help them understanding parts of the dashboard and how it compares with theirs. I do this too, as a friend gave me access to his dashboard so I could compare my game with it to see what my game lacks, as benchmarks are great, but it’s still very helpful to compare other games in every stat, especially when I can compare with the game itself.

I’ve even shared data from previous analytics dashboard posts with my concerns, but I would never have assumed that I can’t actually share this data to anyone else unless if they are given dashboard permissions. I wouldn’t be using this in any way to publicly leak how every game on Roblox averages, if Roblox doesn’t want the benchmark information easily accessible. My purpose here is to help other developers with their projects.

I don’t actually know what this means of course, so clarification would be helpful.


Amazing change. Super important to know if your game is struggling/excelling in any of these analytics.

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Great feature! Love all the new data on the Creator Dashboard - another neat tool for developers.
Only concern is the wording - “Stickiness” is pretty informal.


I’m slightly confused between “retention” and “Stickiness”, as they are used in the Creator Dashboard. Retention refers to new users that join & play again, while Stickiness refers to new and old users that join/play again?

Any wording changes planned for this for clarity? “Returning User %”, “Overall
retention”, etc may be more wordy, but in my opinion more direct (especially since Stickiness & retention seem to be describing nearly the same thing).


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally, I am able to compare my game to others with real data instead of imagining the worst of my game.


IMO it’s extremely hard to use the benchmarks on Monetization when Paying Users, ARPPU, CVR and ARPDAU are all using a different benchmark.

I want a holistic comparison that’s similar to my games ranking, seeing paying users at top 200 experiences, then CVR at 1000 where it’s more diluted just to have an algorithmically ‘appropriate’ competitor benchmark seems really silly.

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Yes please, some clarification on the top 500/251-500 would be great!

Also, again agreed, can we get the game rank in some other way? That would be great!


Will there still be a way to extract this data from the Roblox site? Personally, I dislike using the dashboard cus of how unintuitive the creator page is and have personal solutions set up for my own experiences and it would suck to not be able to use it anymore…

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Hi @ItsKoiske
Could you help give more thoughts on why you think the creator page is unintuitive?
We would like to get more inputs so we can help improve it.
Also all the data for the metrics is downloadable so if you still want to build your own dashboard locally you can download the csv.