[OPEN] davidiscooI - Experienced Builder / Blender 3D Modeler - Portfolio

Hello! My name is David, and I am a highly experienced Studio builder and Blender 3D modeler with many years of developing experience on the platform. My most notable projects have been for Royale High, one of the top games on the site. Developing for Royale High, I have been able to work and communicate with some of the best developers.

I am able to work quickly and efficiently to produce a quality build under a tight time frame. I also like to take tedious steps to highly optimize my builds and reduce part-count as low as possible to ensure a smooth performance for all devices.

I’ve started to utilize Blender in my builds, which allows for an easier and quicker way to make complex shapes that can’t be made in Studio, and also allows for a lower part-count. Some of my recent Royale High builds have been constructed almost entirely in Blender, and then edited in Studio.

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/davidiscooI
I have a twitter account where I regularly post new builds and updates on what I’ve been working on!

Previous Works
Updated 11/28/2020

Royale High Builds 👑
Sky Map

Most assets used in this map were made entirely in Blender.


Haunted Forest

Most assets used in this map were made entirely in Blender.

Dungeon Map

Most assets used in this map were made entirely in Blender.

Clown Tent

Haunted Mansion Lobby

Most assets used in this map were made entirely in Blender.

Low-Poly Cartoony Builds
Toy Planet

Tree/Mushroom models made by the amazing Jaudr3y

Battle Simulator Map

Island Town

Spelloria High Fountain Realm

Medieval Fortress Tycoon

Tribal Warriors Arenas

Fall Guys Inspired Obstacles

Mid-Poly Builds
Popeyes Fried Chicken Restaurant

Modern Beach Homestore

1970s Homestore

Airport Tycoon

Burger King Restaurant

Indoor / Outdoor Basketball Courts

Horror House Layout

High-Poly Detailed Builds
Survivor Tribal Council Set

Kappa Kappa Tau House Replica

Realistic Shipwreck

Italian City

Bloodbath Arenas

Big Brother 20 House Replica

Chinese Temple


3D Models (Blender + Studio)

3d2 lowpolybuilding7 lowpolybuilding7

  • Due to school, I am only available for a few hours a day during the week. On weekends I am available for longer hours usually at night.
  • I live in the EST timezone.

  • My prices change depending on quantity + complexity of what you are asking for.
  • The builds above ranged from around 50k - 300k :robux: / $100 - $1050 USD.
  • Larger / more complex commissions will obviously have a higher price tag.
  • I prefer being paid in USD via Paypal, but I also accept robux payment.
  • Payment in robux must come from devexable group funds.

Discord: davidd#9318
Roblox: DaviddRBX

  • I prefer chatting over discord! Send me a friend request and I’ll be sure to answer quickly.

  • A building commission usually takes up to a week to complete once started. (Larger commissions may take longer.)
  • I always answer as fast as I can to dm’s.
  • I will always keep you updated and send screenshots as I’m going.
  • You will not be added to a team create / given the map until I am compensated first.
  • Once I complete the map I will make few alterations if needed.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
Friend me on discord and send me a dm if you are interested in a commission! It usually takes a day or two for my to complete a commission and I always respond as quickly as possible to my dm’s!


I ordered builds from @davidiscooI before! I recommend him to anyone looking for a builder. He is extremely quick and always delivers a very good product.


Your builds look amazing from what I’ve seen in your examples. Really love Abandoned Shipwreck one!


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. :smile:


Broo your builds are so cool!
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Thank you George! Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I made a mistake oops I will dm you!


Literally one of the most talented builders I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Beyond fast as well. Would fully recommend to anyone! Thank you so much!:star:


Hey! I contacted you on discord - HazSun#3703. I hope to speak with you soon!

Hello! I DMed you on discord: 6636#6366. I hope to do business with you. :happy1:

IN Desperate Need Of a Buidler/Modeler I will Pay through Group Funds or USD I have contacted you via discord at Fimlinz#4004 @davidiscooI

hey man! i was wondering if you’d be interested in a percentage. we have an investor for ads. dm me if interested. phorba#8385

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Pretty amazing work. I was expecting some ok stuff and then I opened up an example… These are very high quality builds. The prices are definitely reasonable. Keep building and keep up the great work.

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Thank you so much! :smile:
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My commissions have been RE-OPENED! Please contact me on discord @ davidd#9318. :smiley:

Phenomenal work. Do you have a Twitter?

David is a great builder and a hard worker. I strongly recommend hiring him. I’ve hired him over 3 times already and he never fails to impress.


He is just amazing! You builds look great! You price is really reasonable too!

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No, I do not have a twitter for my roblox account.

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Stunning work

I’m super interested in your services. Just added you on Discord, lets talk! Actinide#8137

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