[OPEN] Mashdee | UI Designer | Graphics Designer |

Hi there! I am offering my services as a UI Designer. I can design in any style, minimalistic, cartoony, and modern. All my UI is brought into figma and then the file is shared with you. I do not import to Studio.

Piggy Intercity Concept

Dino Sim

Exotika UI

Robux: R$250,000 - R$350,000
USD: $875 - $1,225

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Mashdee#1024

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’ve commissioned Mashdee for a logo and he didn’t disappoint. He’s delivered a great logo to me in just 3 days, and knew exactly what I wanted. His rates are good as well, I’d highly recommend him. If anyone needs a logo for their game, head to Mashdee.


Recently revamped my portfolio and added a UI section! Appreciate if you check it out!

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Such a great person to work with.
Screened him for a UI designer position and he stood out in almost every way possible.
Had quick replies, creativity that added to his UI designs, and the willingness to make the slightest changes. Such a great person to work with and doesn’t waste time after a task was assigned. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a UI designer. He can easily adapt to the style you need.


Added a new UI Example! Would appreciate if you check it out!

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Your work looks good. Nice work on these examples! :+1:


Great work on gamepasses and UI assets. Was very fast and respectful. 100% Recommend.


Added some new examples! Would be awesome if you could check it out!

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Send you a friend request on discord @mashdee


I’ve added some new examples of UI! Would appreciate if you check them out :slight_smile:

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I hired him for a FULL UI remake for my Factions game, (Since originally I made the UI but i rushed it and didn’t like it) and he did an absolutely amazing job remaking the UI! From start to finish he never disappointed and got everything delivered on time! :pray: :pray:


recently updated my portfolio, would appreciate if you guys check it out!

Can you tell like the price you are looking for? I am not quite sure how much to offer.

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I typically charge between R$30,000 and R$50,000 but it can fluctuate depending on what youre looking for

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Sent you a friend request on Discord!

I accepted your friend request!

awesome work my guy!
your uis have gotten so good since when I saw u


recently updated my portfolio, would appreciate it if u check it out :3

Sent you a friend request on discord.


Worked really quickly and produced a high-quality product. 100% recommend!

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