Practical systems and solutions (scripting)

Only shows unique, niche, interesting, and/or significant practical posts. Generally involves physics/math or specific algorithms.

Solved questions

  1. Field of vision
  2. Solution to minecarts being able to derail
  3. Vibrating part
  4. Portals
  5. Stop character movement
  6. Seeing if UI objects overlap
  7. Magnets
  8. Bullet spread (old)
  9. Interactive grass concept
  10. Color palette/wheel thread
  11. Seeds from strings using hashcode
  12. Get thumbnail of place using place ID (Old)
  13. Mixing colors using lerp
  14. Finding the closest Vector3 point on a part from the character, Finding distance to a wall regardless of where you are (similar problems)
  15. Torso that moves as you move

Community Resources/Tutorials

  1. Dragging objects with mouse
  2. Water physics (terrain water)
  3. Server synced daily shop
  4. Ray reflection
  5. What is greedy meshing & How to greedy mesh
  6. Grid creation (building placement system)
  7. Radial sprite sheets
  8. Projectile modeled motion
  9. Simple ship with realistic bow
  10. Converting studs to meters (bonus: obtaining mass in kg)
  11. Simple Harmonic Motion w/ 3D Spring example
  12. Physics based Spring module
  13. Optical scope shadow, effect of scope parallax adjustment, and parallax-free reflex sight
  14. Fractal noise + procedural generation
  15. Neural network backpropagation learning algorithm
  16. Genetic Algorithms introduction (machine learning)
  17. Crescent Sword Slash Effect (needs UV unwrap knowledge)
  18. Complex Numbers & The Mandelbrot Set in Roblox

And this for Enum of the controller: