Public Animations

As the title says, I would really like the ability to publish animations and for them to be usable in more places than just your own.

Now, I have some vague understanding of why they’re not publishable.
I am guessing it’s because moderation would be harder than normal?

And if that’s the case, maybe restrict public animations to trusted members, or make it cost a certain amount of robux. After all, moderating a few keyframes shouldnt be that much harder than moderating 120 min long audio clips.

This currently affects me a lot. I am trying to make a free gun system for groups, and my only obstacle is the animation part. If I was able to upload my animations and take usage of the official roblox animation engine, it would both fix a lot of lag and I would have a much easier time animating the guns.

Anyways, if there is some other reason behind this restriction, then please do inform me in this thread.


With publishing your animations, I mean a checkmark under the configuration tab of each animation that says something like “public”, “restricted” or “private” ->

public - everyone is able to use the animation in their games

restricted - only people who’ve taken a copy of the animation can use it in their games

private - only you who uploaded the animation can use it in your games

yes, I am aware of the fact that you an upload animations to your models page, and have people take them there.
this is still very unpractical though, and it doesnt work for group games.


You can share animation by saving it in a dummy and publish the dummy like a model.


Wouldn’t work, they’d have to upload the animation first and replace the id with their new one, before using it.
Which again, is verrryyy impractical.


Here’s how to make animations usable anywhere!

  1. Make a group and set it to manual approval

  2. Make it so guests(aka rank 0) can create and edit group games

  3. Upload an animation you made to the group as a group animation

  4. Congrats you can play animations anywhere now!

I found this like a year ago since I noticed people with certain group permissions could play the group’s animations outside the group on their places.

Don’t know if they patched it yet.


Almost sounds to good to be true!
Do you know if this method works for group games aswell?

I am on vacation currently, so I cant test for myself until next week

EDIT: It doesnt work : (


Pretty sure it does.


Turns out you can’t edit the Guest rank permissions.


I really need this, it’s currently impossible to make a free model that uses animations.


A feature like this would really make things a lot easier.


I endorse this request because as of now, I already have so much difficult making animations for other people. It is really impractical that every time I make an animation for someone, I have to teach them how to grab it from the model, and then upload it. Keep in mind that it’s not only one person, it’s multiple people, and I have to keep re-teaching it. It just keeps slicing a bit off my motivation.


Half of the work is already done, studio really wants this to be a thing!!


Hah, yeah I’m not sure why Roblox ever even made this a thing in the first place. We always should be able to share our assets in my opinion.


Its a good idea but it would take a while to moderate them.

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Is there a reason to pre-screen them? We don’t pre-screen models.



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To be fair this was removed however I asked that it be reimplemented. The reasoning being it’s nice to copy the animation ID from studio instead of having to go get the ID from the website.


That’s exactly what I use that screen for :slight_smile:


Going to bump this thread. I want to remake the Roblox Battle weapons for R15 and make them free models, and I can’t animations work without a way to make them public.


Anything achieved using roblox animations could be achieved using CFrame animations, so there wouldn’t really be a way to truly moderate them.

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The moderators could use the system used in previewing official animations to ensure the animations are appropriate.

This feature would be very useful to developers and I hope we can get it soon.