Realistic Lighting + Sky?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make realistic lighting for my game in order to attract people to play!
Is there any ways I can make the lighting to become realistic + night time?
Sorry if this post wasnt well-organised

Not sure to what extent you’re looking for but roblox has future lightning which was added a several months ago. It’s the most performance heavy option but it’s also as realistic as you’ll get. You’ll find it under the Lighting instance.

For the sky I recommend looking for a realistic skybox, they usually work with the lightning and by playing around with the settings you’ll get something you like.

However, I think Future Lightning isn’t realistic enough, do i have to use something like bloom and color correction?

There’s a plugin that helps achieve this, it’s called Atmos, may be useful.

edit: added link

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If you want to change the time of day, Then go to lighting in explorer > Clock time > change the clock time to whatever time of day your looking for. Hopefully this helped!