Removed this is removed now

Nothing, this page has been removed content deleted


Also you may choice to buy the models just dm me on discord: TheBlackGOD#9843 they are very cheap

you modeled that vehicle? good job if so

yes i modelled that do u want to buy it?

These looks absolutely EPIC. Do they come with textures?

No they dont sorry when i get a pc that is good enough to texture i can texture them am getting one hopefully next week. Thats is why i made them cheap

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I want know price of weapons(Sword,Axe)

You can buy the whole thing for 6k robux( we talked on discord so the price is different for you specially)

When you say you’re not good at clothing, does that extend to things like armor pieces and, more specifically, helmets? I think your models look great and I’d love to commission a high-poly helmet piece from you.

As for now i cant make helmets well, they are better modellers than me out there at making helmets, so il say for now you can buy any of the things included in my portfolio just message me on discord: TheBlackGOD#9843

Guys I dont suggest working with him due to his attitude, I dont know how they treat you guys, But I wouldnt say he responded to me politely.

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And now I am getting threatened of being banned after Roblox Come read my post! So Yea.


Thanks, this guy was pushing alot for joining my team, no I know I defently should not.

nice use of inspect mode, not cool man

… Stop pretending dude

just how??? how tell me u just inspected then turned on screen recorder and moved ur mouse

Pretty sure I reload my screen to prove not inspected lol.

bruh we cant see the reload and anyways ur probably lying thats y u cut out the reload hahaha nice try

means nothing dude u still wrote what u did and stop covering it up