Roblox games load for about 3 seconds then instantly crash

Windows 7 isn’t officially supported by Roblox anymore, so it’s probably not being maintained for old drivers

Cap. Windows 7 just requires a number of updates to be installed for Roblox to run on it. It’s probably because you tried it on the RTM release build 7600 with no updates installed.

  • PC/Windows: Roblox will install on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. For Windows 8.1 you will need to run Roblox in Desktop Mode, as Metro Mode (the tiled start-screen) is not currently supported.
    Note: The Roblox website supports the following browsers for PC/Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but test mode is not supported. This compromises the integrity of the operating system and is a boot configuration we explicitly forbid.

NVIDIA’s drivers should be properly signed and load under Windows 7. One thing you can try is to use an older version of the driver package from when Windows 7 was still supported.

Same happening to me. Roblox hangs just 3 seconds after I open it, RTX 3060 with Ryzen 3600 CPU. I suspect something with Hyperion or something?

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Hello miko_miko,

Please send me the full crash dump as described in Strategy Three here


This offer stands, of course, for everybody who is running into issues and is not cheating.


A little unrelated, but I’ve been encountering this issue where my roblox player freezes up immediately on the loading screen and stays unresponsive for the entire time. I am now unable to join any game for approximately a day or so.

^ To see how it looks like for me every single time. Others have also been encountering this, some posted about it on r/robloxhelp.
I’ve sent out a support request and didn’t really get far yet.
As for what I’ve tried yet: restarting PC or reinstalling the roblox player didn’t work. Other players tried more methods, so I am not really going to bother with all of that, as it doesn’t help.
Anything you could do?

same issue. I cant even open roblox desktop app and its started occurring after update 594.

edit: i dont know how (maybe the problem was in pc) but roblox with no updates after pc restart just started to work :smiley:

edit 2: after another pc restart roblox again broke :expressionless: this problem is very strange

edit 3: roblox is working again after second edit :no_mouth:


I’ll add upon this, ever since update 594 the Roblox Player Beta process stands by in the background doing nothing at all after the launcher closes, no client logs and no crash logs.


The same issues apply to me, the client suddenly closed after joining the experience for around 5 seconds and it’s starting to get more repetitive. (though that ruined my grinding–)

I would like to have this post updated right now.

I actually found out something else.

This only happens when you drag your ROBLOX window (top bar, drag)

Weird… There is no crash log either. Maybe a Windows-related issue?

0.594.0.5940525_20230920T111835Z_Player_97F4A_last.log (34.6 KB)
log_97F4A.ini (2.1 KB)
There are crash log but dump cannot be uploaded

[EDIT] So just troubleshooted due Radmin VPN [Used for Counter-Strike Online 2] and working just fine
[2nd EDIT] Updated Roblox continuing crashing for no reasons

Yes, use Bloxstrap | A open source boostraper.

log_F8FDA.ini (2.1 KB)
0.595.580.5950584_20230921T042735Z_Player_F8FDA_last.log (35.3 KB)
log_F8FDA 0, 595, 580, 5950584.Full.Client.dmp - Google Drive There full dump after the update
[EDIT] This moment rerun the Roblox many times the HDD is full

Hello Vad1m,

Thank you for the crash dump. In your case, the module \?\HarddiskVolume1\AeroGlass\UxThemeSignatureBypass\UxThemeSignatureBypass64.dll has an invalid signature, and consequently, Hyperion prevents it from being loaded and terminates the client process.

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Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows AppInit_DLLs is found in registry
[EDIT] Link for default value AppInit_DLLs is blank value

hello bitdancer. I’m back because roblox still crashing after 3 months after that update on june 14th and i definitely i tried every solution you could imagine and nowdays roblox just freeze and closes after some minutes even if i update roblox its still crashing, so im trying again if theres another thing that hyperion is detecting like a program, a DLL thing or maybe another multithreading issue, if my crashing problems do not be fixed i’ll be playing more on UWP version.

if you want my specs its here:
Model: dell inspiron 5458 (i use a laptop)
CPU: Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz
GPU: intel HD Graphics 5500
OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language X64 22H2 with all updates

OG post if you got confused

crash dump 2

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this still keeps happening everytime. is so frustrating and no “solution” given by roblox staff seem to be working. can’t they just fix it globaly? there been tons of reports about it.

I mentioned it before, not every crash has the same cause. The easy crashes are the ones where we detect tampering with the process. For example, @Vad1m_1719’s issue was resolved in a matter of minutes once we got the full crash dump, and the solution is just as simple (uninstall the offending software).

Other issues, such as the one @k19sx17s is facing, are real bugs in the client that we can’t reproduce locally. Therefore, every fix from our side is guesswork, and it takes months, assuming we even have an idea why the issue pops up. Some we simply can’t fix ever, for example, issues with spurious hardware defects.

From the outside, all crashes look the same, and therefore they end up being reported in a thread that talks about, well, crashing. I suppose that is the reason for the mentioned tons of reports. Believe me, we would like nothing more than to fix it globally; however, there is no global cause, hence no global fix.