Roblox Support needs to be reworked

We’ve all heard of it before: Roblox Support.

Roblox Support has been bad for as long as I can remember. I have been on the platform since 2012, and the reactions from everyone I know and everywhere I go about support have stayed the same. A terrible service, more than often incapable of solving the problems presented to them.

For the sake of this post, I will not ramble about the awful specific user situations that have occured with Roblox Support over the years. Instead, I will include a list of posts and threads I can find that mention this issue.

Roblox Support is not a great service. A lot of problems that users are faced with don’t get solved by Support, and instead get shot down after a few replies. Most answers are unhelpful, often being copy pasted responses. This has lead to many users assuming Support is ran by bots. It’s been confirmed multiple times that they’re humans. Don’t you think there’s something wrong here?
A support service. It’s supposed to be to support the user using it for whatever issue they have come up with. When an user starts to think they’re talking to bots who aren’t helping them at all, then something is wrong.

And worse than copy pasted responses, users often reach the point of being told “We have assisted you with this all that we can and further requests will not receive response.” or “We’re sorry but we’re unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry.”.
Those two sentences lead the user to believe Support does not care, and is now (effectively) ignoring their request.

Doing a quick google search with “Roblox Support rating” shows how much the quality of Roblox Support is being damaged by this lack of effective response. Support seems to completely disregard what the user says, often just taking the general first message and responding based on that, but without taking details into consideration.

However, we can ask: is this really needed?
Roblox has grown immensely over the years, and has improved its resources tremendously. Obviously, as a down turn, there are many more users using Support and needing its support. However, Roblox has already stated that they are hiring more staff for this and even doing a full moderation revamp.

Support doesn’t seem to have improved at all in terms of quality, so why not do this now? It’d be arguably much better for Roblox as a whole, and benefit not just players, parents, developers, but even Roblox’s reputation.
Right now, anyone that uses Support can easily take a turn for the worst in how they see Roblox depending on their specific situation. If Support was more responsive, useful and helpful, then people would see it with a brighter light.

And now, the reviews.


One of the reviews in

This company is actually shocking. Right, so I’m on Roblox settings trying to change something in my status because why not? I can. I then realised I had put a pin-up for extra security, I also realised I have forgotten the pin code. I then try to find out information on the Roblox website on how to reset it and they say that we should contact them which I did. I sent them an email explaining I forgot my pin code and I wish to reset it. I then get a response from them in about an hour telling me that if I wish to be assisted further I need to prove ownership to the Roblox account and send a report with my email I used to verify the account and put the reference number they have given me. I go ahead do all that and chill sit back and play Roblox, so as I’m playing on Roblox I suddenly get an email saying and I quote “You have deactivated 2-Step Verification for your Roblox account. A security code will no longer be required when you log into your account” Literally about two seconds later I get logged out of my account. So I’m sitting there like what the hell just happened. So like any other human being the first thing that would come to our mind when we randomly get logged out of our account is that we have been hacked. Okay, let me go reset my password, make my way to “Forgot Password or Username?” and type in my email I used to verify the account. Check my email and nothing. Abousltey nothing. I try it again. Nothing. I then go to report this to Roblox by their form that they have. Fill out my name and email etc. I explain to them the situation and what happened. About 40- 50 minutes later I get an email by them and I quote “I’m sorry but we are not able to verify ownership from this email address with the information you have used to contact us” I legit have proof that that’s the email I used for that account and to verify it but no, they do not care because they care more about verification then someones account being hacked. I then do the same thing, contact them trying to get my account back explaining to them what I’m explaining here. After sending a few requests I decided to go check on my account that just been “hacked” I type in my username and I still have everything, my status, inventory everything is still there. Which then makes me think why on earth would someone hack my account just to sit there with it. I wait for Roblox to reply to me and ask them if they have logged me out or anything but, of course, they say “Sorry we cannot prove that you are the owner the account” On my account, I had 2 step verification on of course and I had pin code meaning if someone was to change my email address they would have to type in my pin code first which 1/10000 can do. Unless you are some next genius to guess someone’s Pincode and get it correct. After still contacting them and them responding to me I started to feel like I was speaking to a robot, literally the same thing “we can’t verify that you’re the owner” and no it was not an automated message because they put their name at the bottom. So then I’m starting to think Roblox has locked my account and are doing nothing other than telling me “Sorry we cant verify you the account owner” even though I provided screenshots off me verifying my account with the email, I even bloody bought a Roblox premium on the account which I could use to verify that I’m the owner by showing them billing statements, nope. It’s not good for them. After talking to them for about a day they finally respond to me saying and I quote “We’re sorry but we’re unable to provide you with any further information or response regarding this inquiry. We encourage you to review the previous information sent to you as we have provided you with all that we can at this time.” Yes, they cannot be bothered to help me. I told them I can prove ownership in many ways. I sent them screenshots of my email of me enabling my 2 step verification. But of course, Roblox does not care. Of course, if it was to happen to one of their staff members it wouldn’t a problem. That would get solved in about 5 minutes but if its a customer, nope. If it happens about 500 thousand people oh there fixing that asap. But no they do not care if you cannot access your account. So ladies and gentlemen if you cant access to your account then you might as well make a new one. Do not bother contacting them because it will be a waste of time. I have great day.

Example of a poor response, in Better Business Bureau

(User mentions they already contacted Roblox’s Support, but response mentions to use Roblox Support)

If you check both reviews from two third party sites people shared their Roblox Support experience in, you’ll notice that both have the same in common: a lack of an effective and appropriate response.
Roblox Support seems to ignore the details of the issue (which were mentioned on their posts), and instead deliver a lackluster response. In the second case even (BBB), you can see the user mentions they have contacted Roblox Support but were met with an ineffective response, but the response is
to use Roblox Support anyways. Now, this makes no sense, for the mere reason that the user has already said they contacted Roblox Support. Contacting it again would most likely leave them met with the same answer, as it is what happens with nearly all of Roblox Support failed tickets.

Oh, and I mentioned about how it isn’t a recent issue.
Well, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of posts from the devforum mentioning Roblox Support. You may want to grab something to eat and drink while reading through, the list is big.

Posts about Customer Support

Roblox's Moderation Needs To Be Fixed
Moderation should communicate more meaningfully and take dates into account - #11 by marcus760
Sponsored game ad window lets you repeatedly spend R$ without closing
My brother's rare hat was lost to a hacker - #3 by Aurarus

This can be solved though. There have been numerous suggestions over time as how to improve Support, and Roblox staff have mentioned that there is more moderator training happening.
The core Support model (the way they respond to requests) could be improved though, and that’s what I (and hopefully more players and developers alike) are rooting for in this post.

A Roblox with a good support is an even better Roblox.


I live in constant fear that my account will be compromised, I will reach out to Roblox Support, and then they will send me back one of those automated messages about replying in 5-7 days and it says like “Unfortunately, your account broke our community standards” blah blah.

I am not exactly critical of our moderators because their job is naturally hard due to the sheer volume of MAU to employees as well as the fact that they are negotiating and dealing with users who are sometimes unable to speak the same language or adequately describe their situation due to their age.

At this point, they may want to outsource or invest in a more dynamic support model. Right now I’m pretty sure the support page is just a bunch of FAQs and instructions as well as something to email Roblox Support.


I really agree with your point. The quality of the current Support Team is very low.

I can’t understand why it is so hard for Roblox to bring this quality up. Even big companies like Google have a better Customer Service.
So, move away from canned responses and never send ‘We are unable to help you, bla bla bla’ again.

Developers (but also regular players) usally don’t get helped by the Support Team. They either get useless canned responses or even worse: the ‘we are unable to help you’ responses


The current state of Roblox Support, especially when contacted by developers or people with more knowledge about their issue, is a tragedy. The employees seems to just be skimming through the tickets, I never get the answers to the question or a solution to the problems I present, no matter how well I explain it. For such a big company I’d expect better, at this point we need a separate place to contact for us developers because it’s literally useless at this point. Here I’ll post some pictures of an issue I’ve had with no solution so far and just generic answers no matter how I explain my issue. Names of the employee is omitted.

Original issue

My issue was my game not appearing upon game search, this was the initial response, pretty useless but not the worst.

Pleased when I got this response, but after a month it was still not fixed and I was informed to wait, understandable. I then waited another month and emailed back two days ago, just to learn the ticket was closed without my consent and the issue remained unsolved.

Attempt to reach back through a new ticket

After seeing the last ticket was closed I opened a new one, briefly stating the issue again and referencing to my last ticket (with number). This is the response I got.

So I’m trying to explain they’ve misunderstood me, it’s not on my end, the last ticket established that and that’s why it was forwarded to the engineers (allegedly at least).

Just by this response I can see they’ve clearly not bothered to read my response and looked at the ticket. Why would I need to do this if it’s an error at Roblox’s end requiring an engineer? I’m disappointed but give another try to explain they’ve once again misunderstood and needs to check the other ticket (providing the reference number again).

After seeing this reply I was really getting annoyed, three different customer support employees have now only skimmed through my issue without bothering to put in an effort into their job. I also repeatedly asked to have the case forwarded to the engineers (again) like last time, since it seemed to have been forgotten about.

I cannot stress enough how poor customer support has cost me a lot potential revenue, my game simply doesn’t appear upon search and it remains unsolved due the poor handling of my problem. At this point I’m unsure how I can even show my issue, will they even bother watching the entire video? This is a catastrophe, Roblox seriously needs a way for us developers to reach out where we are met by someone else than the generic customer support employees that only reply with generic answers.


Welp, time to go ahead and support this

It’s been over 2+ years, and ROBLOX Support feels like it’s slowly been progressing worse as time goes on. I’m not gonna make this as chill as I usually do, as the constant lack of Support communication is desperately infuriating to me. You’d honestly be lucky if there was someone that actually read your Support Tickets for once, & slowly helped to resolve rather than giving out the same old message right back from the start.

The Main Issue

My issue originally started when I accidentally changed my birthday due to curiosity, and I thought at first:

“I wonder what it’s like being on a <13 account, I might as well try it!”

I went ahead and changed it, played/experimented around for a little bit to see what its like, attempted to re-change it back to my original birthday, but I’m now unable to.

Of course I should’ve expected as much (But not really as I’m pretty sure that I remember changing my birthday without it being locked back in the old days? Moving on though), so I went ahead & filed a ticket with the proper usage & replied back that I did “confirm” the ticket to explain what the issue was, as you have to verify the ticket if the account is <13.

After waiting for a response back, all I get back is this:

Like, what? I understand that I need to go ahead and verify my birthday (Let’s be honest, back in old ROBLOX we originally faked our age just to not have the constant strict systems and once we reached the age of 13 changed it back), but you’re telling me that the Support Team themselves are unable to change my chat settings due to this? Even still with these strict guidelines, children could legit just straight up lie about their age without having to deal with the <13 rules. The thing that absolutely gets me the most is that they literally make it into their own sub-category, and still choose to ignore these kinds of issues:


This alone shows that the Support Team doesn’t care about the majority of our problems, which seem to fall under the <13 issues from what I assume. But even still, everyone regardless of age will still experience this kind of support.

Communicating With Support

Now, they also replied back with another sentence that is honestly interesting to me:

They say that my username in specific, contains Personally Identified Information (PII) which I wasn’t honestly expecting out of all things here. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • I’ve had this account for over 10+ years now
  • I’ve never been officially terminated with this account. Only temporary-banned from minor instances; “Loud Audio Warning”, “Falsely Moderated Content”, etc.
  • The moment I changed my birthday which made my account <13, was thinking that the Moderation possibly contained “Personal Information” in my username, as it’s a real life name that you’d frequently use (I’ll explain later on).

Now I can somewhat understand the reasoning behind my termination, but I still needed some confirmation on why exactly. I simply asked them if it would be possible for me to verify my age, and I needed some clarification on why it was terminated. The response that I get back in return, was this:

So basically nothing from what I just said apparently mattered to them. It’s seriously disappointing to show how lacking a Support Team can honestly & truly get.

Now, I went ahead and followed up with their request (Considering that whatever I say, will just get downright ignored) & gave them 3 usernames. All of which were different, and it had “Jack” in the name. And this is what they replied back to me:

So now, I literally cannot use the name “Jack” within my username at all? That’s basically saying that I can’t even use any common name at all within ROBLOX for a <13 account, and the fact that I’m unable to do anything about it because Support straight up refuses to listen to my main complaint shows a huge lack of communication & proper solving.

Support Can Be Changed

I personally believe that Support can improve, and I can understand their issue from where they’re at right now constantly getting >500 tickets per day. It’s overwhelming to them & they have to constantly keep at it. But if they keep going the way that they are, with sending the copypasta’d & same old responses that we’re heard numerous amounts of times with no difference at all, then the community will slowly start to downgrade & make Support feel not even worth talking to at all due to its mostly negative reputation. There are even some instances that where other Support Companies (Tracfone, Discord, Google, etc.) can handle my main issue much faster in comparison to ROBLOX Support, cause it honestly feels like I’m talking to someone that gives their responses as a bot. This needs more support than it should.

TDLR; ROBLOX Support desperately needs a huge change, especially since it’s getting popular by the second.


This is something that desperately needs addressed, every time I have tried contacting them about false warnings or bans against my account that could easily be resolved by just looking at the item again they seem like they don’t even read what you have tried to explain to them and copy and paste something saying to look at your original message again. Trying to contact them further just gives you another message saying they won’t read anything more.

I upload a lot of images and audio and it has happened multiple times where they don’t even try and listen when you have been falsely banned and it really leaves you with a bad impression and feeling helpless like you are talking to a brick wall or something. It’s really annoying getting so much false warnings and bans and basically being able to do nothing because support is so useless, and I am really concerned about how much more of these I will get before they decide I’ve had too much and permanently ban me.

I’ve very recently received yet another false warning and I think this has to be the worst experience yet, I’ve been accused of something quite serious when uploading an image which is totally false and looking at the asset for even 10 seconds could prove that. Yet I waited 10 hours for what seemed like a copied and pasted reply making no reference to my original message and trying to reach out to them again they said they wouldn’t be replying again.

Support is something that really needs changed on Roblox, the current system does not listen to people and really makes me frustrated at how little effort they seem to put into replies. I’m really concerned how they would deal with more serious complaints if they put this little effort into trying to resolve other issues.


If they took their time to read the appeal mails, and stop smashing a copy and paste response in our faces, I think that would fix half the problem.

At least you’d get your account back, if you really did nothing wrong, unlike now, when even if you are innocent, your account doesn’t get restored for some crappy reason.


I might be late but… I absolutely agree! This customer support is atrocious, even the online google customer support (which 99% I am sure is automated) is better.
My old account was under-age since I inputted its birthday as 2015 (Previous birthday was 2004) wanting to check out how the age changer (English is not my first language) worked.
Ever since I had to change to this account as the Customer support, copy and pastes the same email again and again not even offering to help, that: “This is your correct birthday” no it isn’t. I’m fed up with it, and about bans, my friend uploaded an IKEA camoflauge soldier shirt, wow instant-ban!
I uploaded a steam train diagram to roblox, a warning! For such a innocent thing.

I hope that some day, roblox can reform this system once-and-for-all.


I agree with this post so much after false moderation has taken this account (my main) forever because someone could not take the time to look at a mesh texture. While the texturing was pretty bad (as it was my first mesh), there is no reason that “nudity” should have been found in the texture. If an actual person looked at my ban instead of a bot, this account would have been back.
Not to mention that the people here surely have spent money on Roblox, so that’s some money put to waste. Good job, Roblox Support.


So roblox has moderated my account, permanlty delted my gane ive work on for 3 month’s, and banned me for a week, for a copyright claim that is entirely unfair as, it was something i grabbed from the Toolbox (I assume because the support team cant even explain to you the reasok all of this happens or what the item was? WTH), which is provided and “Monitored” by roblox, but yet i am the one to blame and all my hard work down the drain, because something i grabbed from the toolbox was stolen…

How are we as devolpers meant to know every single flippen item that is in a game that is copyright stricked, when roblox cant either… there should be a warning system rather than deleted the whole game, and banning me for a week or possibly longer.

One statement i brought up was, what is a kid one day decides to make a game on roblox, but diesnt know how to build so uses the toolbox, which roblox inisists on you uisng, then for there account with $100s or $1000s of dollars to be banned and deleted for the same reason…

This is extremly unproffessional and now i havw to start from scratch without any kf my old code or anything.

I have made 3 different moderation fourms to roblox but all with the same answer, “Sorry but we cant help at this time, as we have given all the information we can”, as in sorry your banned for copyright from something on our system that we cant monitor but expect you to


this was correct. IKEA puts a lot of complaints for having their brand on games, that’s why it has auto detector due to roblox tired of having so many IKEA complaints. I don’t know why you’re disappointed at this?


Trust me, they never will. No matter how much we f’ing try to convince them.

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I have been trying to appeal a ban caused by an archived item getting a DMCA strike (despite the fact that any time you get a strike they literally tell you to archive assets, as apparently that avoids this exact thing - turns out it’s lies. Minor PSA: Archived content can still be DMCA claimed.)

Appeal started with one ticket in May. It’s now the 11th of August and my email looks like this


Yes. It took over 8 weeks for one response. They didn’t even read a single word of what I said which is especially disappointing considering I pointed out they didn’t even listen to a previous legal request made by me back in april-ish, and they still haven’t to this day.

(note: these are all seperate tickets all about the same issue. Minus two of them which were automated, all of those individual tickets were either opened up by support as seperate tickets for no apparent reason, or started by me to clarify some ABSOLUTELY DERANGED statements by support such as telling me twice to file a false counter claim despite me stating many times that would have been illegal.)

Support is never getting fixed. Ever. Roblox couldn’t care less for a wide variety of reasons.


“very professional support system”

-Roblox, 2023

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We need to stop playing Roblox in protest :joy:

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I really hate roblox for many reasons.
I’ll list the reasons in the following reply.


(post deleted by author)


Quality is low, yes, and i agree we should have a complete rework of this system. Insane to see a 2 star average on TrustPilot and they haven’t done anything about any of these issues. I really think moderation should be left to actual experienced moderators, not automated ticket bots that ignore your requests, or some complex AI. I’ve seen some good moderation, but not recently at all.


Yeah kino. Roblox must hire real experienced moderators and not dumb ones


Bit of a bump, but I’ve recently just sent out an email asking about the requirements of becoming a member on the DevForum (apart from just “Spend enough time reading forums” after seeing people online give wildly different testimonies from their experience).

Both emails were nothing short of copy-pasted materials, only answering a selected few parts of my email, non of which were the main topic to my question.

Roblox has the revenue to revamp their support service (2.23 billion USD in 2022), so they definitely have the potential to make significant changes on how its operated.