RTrack: Free Roblox Analytics

This is the old RTrack version, which no longer exists.

The new RTrack has been released in ALPHA, check it out!
RTrack Alpha V.2.0 | Tracking for Roblox Games, Passes, Advertisements, Sponsorships and more

Hey there! I started working on this yesterday afternoon as the Roblox site went down and I was left clueless with what to do with my time. It would seem this is what I settled on, and after much frustration and lost data (at the time of posting stats only go back about 2-3 hours), I made RTrack! - The (totally) only roblox player count tracking tool ever made.

Right now, only player counts over time are visible, there are two super easy ways to view data on RTrack at the moment:

Game Dashboards

Top 10 page

This page shows the top 10 games on Roblox and their player counts over time. I’m tracking data for a lot more games than this, so support will come in some form for graphs containing larger numbers of games. However, in the meantime, the next feature should come in handy!

Specific Game Stats

Using the URL “http://rtrack.ayylmao.co.uk/viewGame.php?gameId=[GAME ID HERE]” you can view historical data on your own or other people’s games. For now at least, I’m tracking enough games that if you’ve got at least one dedicated player you’ll probably find your game here.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts. Lastly, please pop me a DM before deleting my entire database because of an SQL injection weakness you find :slight_smile:


FWIW @IntegerUnderflow’s blade already satisfied the use case for specific game stats (and has more information than concurrent players such as likes / gamepass revenue):


The top 20 is nice information to have though.

As far as the watermark goes, it’s kind of pointless because it’s clientside

it also makes the charts obnoxious to read. You should just let your product speak for itself. E.g. I know a blade screenshot when I see one because it’s useful enough that the community has spread it around – not because there’s an obnoxious watermark.


my lawyers will be in touch for this act of vandalism

edit: Thanks for the feedback, the watermarks have been significantly reduced, and I pushed up the number of games shown on the ‘Top’ page to 50 mainly just to annoy @IntegerUnderflow :))


Wow, Looks Great! Is this Using a Web API Call?

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It would be great if you could add a feature where when you zoom in, the scale gets more detailed (like in Desmos). Right now, it’s a bit hard to see where all other 49 game of the top 50 are:

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What API are you using to retrive the historical data of a game?

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Getting errors thrown my way trying to access it.

(Image removed, due to sensitive info in the error message. This problem has since been fixed.)


Did you change the gameId in the link or just randomly clicked it without changing anything.

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I clicked the “Top 50” button in the main post.

It’s working for me now however the site is definitely not optimized for mobile.

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Try removing the top games (pretty much just adopt me) by clicking on their names, this clears the chart up quite a bit.

Example with Adopt me and Royale High removed: (Missing data is due to a failed CRON Job, sadly I can’t get that back.)

Yeah this was my bad, I was working on it earlier and accidentally left an SQL connection where the username and database name were the wrong way round, lol. Should be working now.

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Agreed this could do with a lot of work on mobile, focusing on desktop for now though.

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There is no API for historical game data. All of the data is stored and collected by RTrack.

You can now make a free RTrack account to get access to more games on the top games page. Just head to HTTPS://rtrack.ayylmao.co.uk/register.php to sign up with your Roblox username.

More features to come for account holders soon!

RTrack now displays game rating data!

Full disclosure: An RTrack membership is needed to see these graphs. Membership should help to cover some of my hosting and data storage costs, currently I’ve spent around 50 hours developing this site and have only lost money in return. This is not by any means an attempt at squeezing money out of users, the site simply wouldn’t be sustainable without a paid subscription model.

Individual game ratings graphs

Top games ratings graphs

Be sure to post any ideas, bugs or criticisms in this thread for me to read and improve RTrack!


RTrack Dashboard Pages

This feature is only available to users with a paid membership.

Dashboard pages put together lots of graphs for one game, to give a full overview of every aspect.

See the showcase page here:


New graphs

All viewable on the dashboard, these graphs have all been added:
  • Game revenue over time
  • Average play time
  • Granular total gamepass revenue (seperated by individual passes)
  • Granular gamepass revenue increase daily (seperated by individual passes)
  • Daily Revenue in USD.

Notes on data being recorded

RTrack now has data stored for 60,603 individual Roblox games.

RTrack records data for between 3,000 and 4,000 games every 30 minutes.

Gamepass names, descriptions, prices and sales are now recorded alongside game visits, player counts, names, descriptions, likes and dislikes.

Thanks to everyone who’s been using RTrack since it’s creation! I’m yet to get a paying subscriber, but in spite of that I’m enjoying every minute of this. Make sure to let me know any features you’d like to see and feedback on existing ones on this thread!


Nice one!
Haven’t used blade yet but looking at this thread I know which one I plan to use.
How do you make the graphs so nice?

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Hey, thanks! The graphs use a library called chart.js, it’s a pain to work with but the end results are really nice :laughing:

Introducing: RTrack Sitewide


Sitewide is a landing page that displays live counts of total Roblox users, total gamepass revenue from every game added together, the top game, and the share of the total user base that game holds. In future I’d like to split this by country, as I think the api endpoints exist for that, but in the meantime, enjoy!


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Yeahhh. Nice one. What API did you use for it?

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