Silk+ v1.2 (A classic look for Studio's Design Refresh)

(my first resource post here, correct me if i do some things wrong)

The base of this icon pack comes from: Classic Instance Icons Pack for Design Refresh
make sure to check it out too!

This icon pack primarly focuses on adding icon classes to obscure instances, such as SkateboardController! or the extra services! whilest keeping the main look of the classic icons!

Silk+ (298.4 KB)

For this to work, you MUST enable this Beta Feature! This feature is now public, you no longer need to enable the Beta Feature!

Extract the .zip and put the file somewhere permant, go to Roblox Studio, FILE > Studio Settings > Studio and then you should see Custom Icon Dir, click on it and select Silk+, restart studio and wallah!

screenshot image:

Update Logs

Silk+ v1.0
Silk+ v1.2
  • Made the colors of the Humanoid class styled like the noob avatar
  • Added icons for BubbleChatConfiguration and SelectionSphere
  • Added different icons for Value instances, meshes, and Frames!
  • Tweaked TextBox and RopeConstraint slightly
  • Added an icon for TouchTransmitter (apparently wont show up)
  • Fixed Clouds icon not matching the original one

Silk+ (298.4 KB)

Also im aware of some of the conflictions with the Ribbons, unfortunatly i dont know how to fix them, if you do know how to please tell me! (without making it too complex for my small brain)


i forgot to mention that most these icons come from Silk Icons Preview

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Sorry for the bump, but thank you! This is a godsend, since Roblox disabled the old icons feature.


I cannot see the “Enable DPI Aware Studio”

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It is because the beta feature isn’t in beta anymore. It’s enabled by default. You can still change the icons though.


oh yeah, i should probably update the post about that
thanks for reminding me

do you think you could host this on github or something other than devforum?

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Thank you for this contribution, I’ll definitely be using this!

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YOOO THIS IS SO GOOD TYSM MAN. I hate the new studio icons.

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not gonna lie here, im horrible with github
it’s outta my league

And yes! i know that it could be made sure that there is no viruses inside of it, but like i dont know alot about viruses soo yeah… you can check if you want to

It’s just a icon pack. I doubt there is any viruses in there at all.


Thank you so much for this! The new icons were pretty distracting and messing with my workflow and productivity.

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Oh my, thank you so much!

This is going to make browsing studio 50x easier!


very cool. I dislike the new icons very confusing.