StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

Hi there! My name is StudTemplate also known as Stud. I have been making logos for almost a year now & I am very advanced at it, I make logos for groups, banners, icons & etc…

Let me show you my COMMISSION SHEET :smiley:

Logo Commissions

I am available any time until 11pm


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Twitter at:
Or My Discord Azuraith#0001

Thank you for reading everybody! Can’t wait to work with you soon! :smiley:


Do you do roblox renders? If you do please add my discord plenty#7624

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I used to do gfx but my brother broke my computer so I can’t do gfx rn

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These logos are great but I would suggest lowering the price to 300-500/600 max. This just my opinion but for how much detail is in every logo that you have made, 1K is a bit overpriced. See my works as an example. (I won’t post a link because I don’t want to look like I’m self advertising).


Hello @NettoGFX. Your logos are amazing. What do you use?


Photopea, thats what i use to make art.

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Totally recommend Netto! He is a very nice logo designer and you can get a logo to your standards from him!


Hi, nice art… May I ask what font do you use for them?

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Thank you astra :smiley: I really appreciate it!

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A font I use is plump, thats what i use most of the time

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I make then! :slight_smile: Added u i am tege

These logos look pretty good! Great work on these logos! :+1:

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Thank you Sky! I appreciate it!

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Add me Tege#6314 :slight_smile: Thank you very much

Amazing Designs! But as @akaSourDev Said, It is a bit overpriced.

I wouldn’t say these are overpriced for the quality he’s offering. The most a logo can cost is 2k robux which is not even 10 USD if you dev ex. I also thinks it a little rude to ask someone to lower their prices.

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…I Sell My Own Gfx For 200-300. If you sell it for too much people might NOT buy from you, They would just go and buy it from someone else who is selling it for a lower price

This is my last statement please dm me if you want to say more.

These logos are at a good price. Most talented people who make logos charge around 4-5 thousand robux as StudTemplate inky sells them for 300-2,000 robux. If you out them in dev ex rates, the max price is only 7 USD. Most people saying that it’s overpriced is people who have no clue how prices and development works and they want to be rich and famous.

These prices are great and you shouldn’t change them!

Hey! I am looking forward to contact you, but your discord isn’t appearing to be working could you please add me at DaffyDavinko#0078 ?

sure , but please be patient, i have things to do