Sunsetting Sets

Hey Developers,

As we think about how to best enable developers, we sometimes reevaluate existing features to make sure they are still valuable to developers. Every Roblox feature—even features that have not been updated in years—incurs a maintenance cost. We have to test to make sure each feature continues functioning properly, harden against the latest security vulnerabilities, and upgrade to the latest technology.

With this as our ultimate goal, we will be starting to remove Sets from our product in the coming weeks. Sets were collections that developers could use to organize content which could be shared with others. To find out what we are working on instead, take a look at our Platform Roadmap.

How will this impact me?

Within the next few weeks, you will no longer be able to access Sets from the website or Studio Toolbox. Note that you will still be able to access the endpoints temporarily if you want to export your data.

On December 1st, we will be ending support for Sets entirely. If you are using in-game APIs like InsertService:GetUserSets() and InsertService:GetBaseSets(), we recommend that you move to another data source such as a Lua table before this date, or your scripts may break.

What should I use instead?

Unfortunately we have no direct replacement for Sets. Feel free to make feature requests for similar functionality you would like to see in the future.


wait these still exist?

i thought these got removed in like 2016


They still exist, but you haven’t been able to add anything to them for a while.


About time a dead feature was actually removed.


Good night, sweet prince. I always thought you deserved better.


I’ve never used them, so I can’t say that this will impact me.

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I’ve never used them not had a use for them and feel no one else really has.
Doesn’t seem like an important feature, so :+1:


While I don’t use this feature (I imagine almost no one still does), there is a concerning trend of features being phased out before a replacement is available. If the main reason for removing it is maintenance cost, would it really be that expensive to wait for packages to replace sets instead of leaving developers in a weird functionality gap?

edit: a bit of a brain fart on my end for mistaking the functionality of packages. They don’t really replace sets. Still, there’s a value is grouping models/assets in a way that can be shared with other developers. Wish we could have that functionality


They are really useful for organizing assets, but the button to add anything was removed and was never brought back in the several web page changes.


Shame. I still use them for a few things (mostly just the skybox set though). Hope there’ll be some way to at least arrange models in the future… seems kind of a waste to remove it than revamp it and turn it into something more useful but similar.


I think these would have been used more if they were implemented differently. They sort of acted like a Spotify playlist and I don’t think that works with Models. The only use case I can remember with the way they were implemented were stamper tool categories… and even they could have been implemented better.

I think that they should be re-implemented somehow in the future that allows us to arrange models with an endpoint to use in-game… it certainly could be useful if you wanted to restrict players to use certain audios or decals. Using this method would be helpful since you wouldn’t need to open studio to add new IDs or remove them.


I enjoyed sets when they lasted, it’s sad to see them go. Hopefully we get a new replacement soon!


What functionality benefit was there to sets (for sky-boxes for example) when compared to a trello list with a bunch of asset links?
(I only used sets once the year they came out to check out the feature and never again)

I remember how valuable these were to me waaaay back then when I was starting out with roblox studio, though sadly as time passed they moved more and more to the dark corners of roblox where almost everyone forgot about them. Its time for it to relieve it from its saddness.



I personally do not like the decision.

My set ( is meant to exist so its easier to locate meshes.

Sadly, the adding to set feature got removed. I can’t add anything.

People who abuse tags have bigger advantage.

…have I mentioned the search has worst algorithm? If I type in a word, sometimes model won’t appear at all. I’d love to have my models easier to find.


They were planning on releasing Packages in the 3rd quarter, though, and that got delayed. Perhaps, they planned to remove Sets just before the original release of Packages and then once Packages got delayed they had no incentive to keeping Sets around longer as you can’t add assets to them and haven’t been able to for years.


The use of a Trello board, while it is functional, is not ideal as it requires an additional service to be operational and functional. Even though Trello is almost never offline, Trello is meant to be a project management system and is not traditionally used for asset ID storage.

Also, I’m pretty sure he meant that he used sets to give other users an easily accessible place to see a bunch of different skyboxes. I don’t think he meant he was using endpoints in his game to access the skybox IDs (although he could have). I don’t think players want to find the Trello board, click each card, click the link, and then see the skybox, then repeat until they find one that fits their game.

edit: oops I forgot I could have edited my last post


Ooof, I must have been one of very few who still used sets. There are a couple handy skybox sets I’ll be archiving now.


This change fortunately doesn’t effect me as I stopped using Sets a few years ago, assuming this would happen, despite liking their behaviour.

I’ve been using a workaround to get something similar, I use the fact that group models exist to my advantage and uploaded the assets I needed there.


This is a smart idea! I might start doing this