Team Create Bugs. Post 'em Here!

Sorry to hear that, but it seems specific to your machine. To help you we need to collect some information about your place and your machine. I will send you direct message with instructions.

Thanks for your reply, I will send over the data you need.

However, a lot of people seem to be having similar issues with Team Create this past month.

Please see.

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i cant tell if this is a bug or not but ctrl+s/save as place file doesnt appear in the menus or work as a command in team create servers


This is intended behavior as every change you make propagates to Team Create server. The server publishes the game automatically every 5 minutes and when you complete your work (close all Team Create sessions). That said, saving does not make much sense, unless you want to make a local copy. The latter is available as a separate option in File menu.


The button is counter-intuitive. I’ve sat in the file menu for 10+ seconds trying to find Save As because I forgot there’s this idiosyncratic edge case for TC places. It looks like in this case, users sometimes aren’t even aware the functionality exists without Save As.

The wording of Download a Copy is perfect for the action – more appropriate than Save As – but at what cost? What do you notice between the following menus?

  • The “Publish …” buttons and everything below them are being shifted. This is awful – it confuses my habitual cursor placement because when I mouse over where I expect “Publish …”/etc to be, it’s not there.
  • The Save/Download buttons are not in the same relative position to the “Publish …” buttons, which results in the same problem
  • It breaks my expectations of applications. Every file editing application I use has File, Open, and Save. While the wording may be more appropriate for this functionality, it has a severe tradeoff because I have to break a 10+ year habit of looking for a Save button.

The TC file menu should not break universal consistency with Download a Copy. Download a Copy should be replaced with Save/Save As.


There’s another one for you.

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Hey everyone,
Thanks for your continued reporting on Team Create issues. Our most recently released Studio version now includes the addition of a Broken Assets tab in Game Explorer, which will be populated with any linked assets that are broken or corrupted, enabling you to delete said assets. In addition, any broken non-asset resources will have a different icon, and be located in its related category. This change was made in order to reduce the amount of Game Explorer load failures, resulting in a better user experience overall.
In addition, there have been fixes made to a number of Team Create crashes in this latest release.
Thanks again for your help. Fixing Team Create issues is still a high priority for us, and I will keep this thread updated on new Team Create fixes.


Team create doesn’t publish properly sometimes and even publishes a wrong version.

For example, I do some script edits, publish it a few times because I forgot to add something, wait for the “blablabla Published successfully!” then I shut down the servers to apply the update.

I join the game and people are freaking out about how something is fatally broken because TC published the wrong version. Even when I add an extra print(“Test”) to see if it’s actually updating, then publish it and wait for the message once again, it doesn’t apply correctly. when this happens I have to turn off team create and for whatever reason, it wipes all of the progress I made.

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Thanks for your report. We have received similar reports of issues like this and consider it a high priority issue to solve. We will be working on a fix as soon as we can.

Over the past day, me and a few others have been experiencing a “Server Save Failure” while working on team create. Unfortunately, the first time, we didn’t notice the error and this caused us to lose nearly 4 hours of work (from 3 different people).
I am not yet sure if this is reproducable, or the cause.

Here is a log from one of the other people working with me (don’t mind all the Door logs, he was testing something).
The game link is:

  • I am not entirely sure if it’s related to the above report or not, but just though i’d put this out there,

UPDATE: It is the next day and this issue persists. This is becoming a problem as we have to save local copies every time we make a change (even manually publishing fails).


Have you tried disabling and re-enabling team create? Just a thought.

Thanks for the report and logs. We will take a closer look at what is happening on the server side and get back to you.

This has been responded to by a Roblox staff already, but I thought I’d post it here for further investigation. This could be occurring in just Team Create or all places, all I know is that it happened in a particular game for me.

Huh, I have already posted a topic when noticed that.

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My output is being spammed with the following message in certain Team Create places (not all of them).

20:11:47.325 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.326 - 
20:11:47.428 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.429 - 
20:11:47.573 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.574 - 

The message is being sent multiple times per second. It appears to only be a minority of places, as I can’t reproduce it in any place other than the specific one where I first noticed it. Despite that, it always happens in that place, even after a restart.


Experiencing the same issue here

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Thanks for pointing this issue out, this seems to be a fairly new issue. Could you PM me the place ID with this issue so that I can file a bug and take a closer look please?

Hey there. Not sure if you fixed the bug or if me continuing to edit the place caused the bug to stop happening, but either way, it’s gone now. So if you haven’t investigated the bug in the place ID that I sent you yet, you may need to get another place ID from someone else. cc @AbstractAlex @VitalWinter @PeteyK473

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Yes we have a DM with my broken place id :slight_smile:

Unfortunately mine still seems broken as of right now


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