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Thanks for your report. We have received similar reports of issues like this and consider it a high priority issue to solve. We will be working on a fix as soon as we can.

Over the past day, me and a few others have been experiencing a “Server Save Failure” while working on team create. Unfortunately, the first time, we didn’t notice the error and this caused us to lose nearly 4 hours of work (from 3 different people).
I am not yet sure if this is reproducable, or the cause.

Here is a log from one of the other people working with me (don’t mind all the Door logs, he was testing something).
The game link is:

  • I am not entirely sure if it’s related to the above report or not, but just though i’d put this out there,

UPDATE: It is the next day and this issue persists. This is becoming a problem as we have to save local copies every time we make a change (even manually publishing fails).


Have you tried disabling and re-enabling team create? Just a thought.

Thanks for the report and logs. We will take a closer look at what is happening on the server side and get back to you.

This has been responded to by a Roblox staff already, but I thought I’d post it here for further investigation. This could be occurring in just Team Create or all places, all I know is that it happened in a particular game for me.

Huh, I have already posted a topic when noticed that.

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My output is being spammed with the following message in certain Team Create places (not all of them).

20:11:47.325 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.326 - 
20:11:47.428 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.429 - 
20:11:47.573 - (ignored) readFast past end (Packet size: 10129, packet type: 27)
20:11:47.574 - 

The message is being sent multiple times per second. It appears to only be a minority of places, as I can’t reproduce it in any place other than the specific one where I first noticed it. Despite that, it always happens in that place, even after a restart.


Experiencing the same issue here

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Thanks for pointing this issue out, this seems to be a fairly new issue. Could you PM me the place ID with this issue so that I can file a bug and take a closer look please?

Hey there. Not sure if you fixed the bug or if me continuing to edit the place caused the bug to stop happening, but either way, it’s gone now. So if you haven’t investigated the bug in the place ID that I sent you yet, you may need to get another place ID from someone else. cc @AbstractAlex @VitalWinter @PeteyK473

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Yes we have a DM with my broken place id :slight_smile:

Unfortunately mine still seems broken as of right now


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When I or my development partner try to access one of our games which is using team create, roblox studio simply crashes, other TC games work fine but since this most recent studio update it has been doing this. Neither of us have been able to get onto it at all. image




@Nightgaladeld / @DreamingMind

Can we lock this thread? Bugs are meant to be posted in bug reports so all replies are on-topic pertaining to the bug.

This doesn’t allow for any bug tracking as well.


(this is a really old thread so I apologize if it’s not where this belongs, although it is regarding team create)
I recently came across a bug in my friend’s team create; when he adds a new player to the studio file they’re not visible in the team create menu unless I rejoin the game.

If he were to add BuilderMan to the team create, I would be unable to view it without exiting and rejoining the file.

Sorry @AbstractAlex I didn’t see your post until after I put this in


Thanks for your feedback. This is a known limitation.

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Unsure if this would be considered a bug, but I am unable to delete scripts while I have them open.


If you’re in Team Create this is the way it works. When you open a script it’s getting locked by you. You have to close it to release the lock.

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