The most recent update is rendering everything significantly brighter

Edit: Beam & Trail Rendering Issue I guess this has been reported before, although this issue is more than just beams and trails rendering incorrectly.

I’m not sure where to begin with this bug, since it’s hard to say what exactly is happening… however, as of yesterday some flag must have been flipped which is causing major changes to the lighting of my game compared to how it used to look. This is happening both in studio and in the Roblox client.


Right now, beams are rendering much brighter/opaque than they used to be.

Before, it looked something more like this, which was much more subtle; however, even when manually toning down the transparency, the edges of this beam still look very bright and cut off sharply when they didn’t do so before:


This one is harder to describe, since I can’t revert the roblox version and show you how everything looked before; however, the other person in TC with me had received this update before I did, and sent me a screenshot of how things looked in the distance. Compared to what I was seeing of the exact same scene, it appears that distant objects have amplified, bright fog compared to what it used to be before this recent update. And now that studio has updated for me, I am seeing the same thing.

Desaturated textures at a distance

When viewing certain textures from a distance, they appear more desaturated than they used to; this did not happen before this most recent change:
This might be due to the fogginess I mentioned before.

I don’t know if this change to lighting was intentional, but it makes my game look really bad under its current lighting settings, and it’s live on the roblox client right now.


I’ll add that these issues are extending to the glass material as well (if they’re transparent)

I put together these images to demonstrate what’s happening. Parts that use the glass material with transparency do not listen to fog and instead glow very brightly (this only happens if the camera is far away, however).

Here’s what the same part looks like with the fog if the material is glass without transparency or if it is any other material besides glass (in that case, transparency has no part in causing it to glow).



My “water” consists of Parts with Transparency of 0.3 and Material set as Glass to reflect light.

My game relies on fog as a way to decrease player visibility and this bug makes players stick out and game looks super weird.

To reproduce it - simply set fog at around 500 studs and add big Parts with material set as Glass and Transparency above 0. Then move far away from them.

You can stop this behaviour by changing the Transparency back to 0.


I’ve noticed this issue with fog recently as well. It’s much “denser” now, as if the scale of values has changed to make fog more visible at lower levels. And as you pointed out, transparent glass becomes a bright opaque color in this new fog.

Example: The glass in the background is glowing white like neon, and the fog is much more visible than it used to be (even relative to the normally high-fog during this event)


It’s been about three weeks now and while the beams and textures issues appear to be fixed in recent releases, the fog and glass issues still persist.

I’m not sure where else to go with this. While the fogginess issue can be semi-corrected by altering the FogEnd and FogStart to try and replicate the old look, there is no way to stop transparent glass appearing bright neon in the fog from a distance.

I agree this has been happening to me aswell.

Any updates on this? My players are complaining about water not being transparent and i cant work around this issue. Its been 1 month.

If you’re interested in helping bring attention to this bug, I’ve opened up a separate report for the glass issue itself in hopes that it gets addressed… and fixed. Your support would be incredibly helpful and appreciated! :sweat_smile: