Tips for becoming a good modeler!

Hello, I’m Sam! I have been modeling ROBLOX games for the past few weeks now, I would love to have some advice for the upcoming future, to improve my skills in modeling. Stuff such as, should I use plugins? Should I start making a game without much knowledge and see how it pans out? Or should I learn for the next few months before I start working on a game? Thanks for your feedback!

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Modelling and building are very different things, if you mean by building (Roblox Studio) install plugins that fit what genre of builds you’d like to go for (low-poly like builds usually have a cartoony skybox, realism mod etc.) .

Modelling is using 3D software tools like blender which can then be exported into Roblox Studio.

My opinion, practice makes perfect. Explore different materials and play around with Plugins and Lighting and you’ll get better eventually.

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There are many topics around the community regarding modeling with tutorials, and especially ways to become a great one!

I hope these helped you! :wave:

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A few things you should keep in mind when modeling.

How can I improve my modeling skills?
You should look into memorizing more keybinds(if you’re using blender, etc.) to work more diligently and maybe find new tools to use (If you hadn’t already). Another thing is practicing with real life references, this can enhance your skills a lot, learning new techniques is always helpful.

Should I use plugins?
If you’re showing off models to look for work, I recommend using Model Scopes. It completely changes everything to white, so that the selected model can be professionally showcased in portfolios, etc.

If you’re building within studio, I recommend looking at some videos on YouTube explaining what each plugin does. (There’s a lot of helpful building plugins!)

Should I start making a game?
If you’re confident with your work, go for it! It’s always good practice to make concepts of games, even if they’re failures, it’s always good to ask for feedback. It’s good to make a portfolio, and then slowly add new and more impressive work to it as you delve deeper into modeling/building on ROBLOX.

Hope this helps!