Unified Marketplace Fee for Private Servers, Paid Access and Plugin Marketplace Sales

Hey developers,

As part of our effort to make developing and building a business on Roblox accessible to as many developers as possible, we are constantly looking for ways to minimize fees and friction.

Earlier this year, we unified the marketplace fee for dev products and game passes regardless of premium status. Today, we have taken one more step down that path.

Starting today, the fee for all private server sales, paid access games and plugin marketplace sales is 30%, regardless of whether or not you have Premium!

As a reminder, previously there was a 90% marketplace fee on Robux earned from sales gained from private servers, paid access games and plugins in the marketplace if you don’t have Premium. And if you did have Premium, that marketplace fee went down to 30%. Again, this is now unified to 30% regardless of Premium status.

Happy developing!

Note: We are actively investigating the best way to safely open up the Plugin Marketplace to all developers. Stay tuned for updates on this front.


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I love that developing is becoming more accessible to non-Premium members and that you’re lessening the divide. This was the logical step following sunsetting Premium-only groups, and I like the direction Roblox is taking this.

To all of those people I’m predicting will complain about “Premium members not getting they’re money’s worth,” note that this shouldn’t of ever been the case in the first place- and that Premium is an option.

With VIP sales being 30% for all, will the minimum charging price for VIP servers and paid access go down from 10 Robux as well?


Awesome, it’s great to know that Roblox is becoming more flexible with small and big developers alike, with or without Premium. Great work, Roblox! :+1:


This is a great change, and I applaud Roblox for taking the complaints of tax issues that developers have and taking action. However, the big issue I have with this update is the plugin marketplace (though this is up for debate).
There have been several plugins with tons of sales that are malicious, and this issue has not been addressed well in my opinion. The plugin community has also been identified as extremely toxic by several developers.
The plugin marketplace, to say the least, is extremely controversial, filled with tons of botted plugins with malicious intent to target developers, could you add an update for plugins called certified plugins?
This would help developers find the right plugin without the possibility of them picking the wrong one. But thanks for the reduction of the tax reduction, it really means a lot!

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This is a great step foward in benefit of us, developers, cheers!

I’m still waiting for the day that 30% goes down to 15% at least, will that ever happen?


I only care about this. Please don’t do this, or at least make an application process like ugc catalog or something. Opening the plugin marketplace will make everyone much more susceptible to scams, and in my opinion developers have a right to audit the code they are going to use before using it.


A great improvement that I truly enjoy. Earlier it felt like you had to pay money in order to earn something because of the ridiculous 90% tax. Now I feel as the roblox platform is more open to the people who don’t necessarily want to waste money. Hopefully everything including trading will soon be available without having to pay money.


From the way it is worded, that’s probably what was meant – carefully expanding it.


30% is still a lot. I would like to see this go down to 10-20% hopefully in the future! :sob::grin:


Nobody sadly got back to me on my original question in April they were left out at the time intentionally or accidentally but at least now it’s confirmed it was intentional (at the time of course)

Really glad to see this finally removed because a lot of my recent work has been for small games typically gated by paid access as a way to control player numbers. By having the 70% income source it now provides more money to the entire team. I was very frustrated when exploring the 10R$ private server setup at the time to only get 1R$.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure if it was a bug when it said I got 30% or not, but I am glad to hear this!


I appreciate the compensation to how much money we can earn prior to making the sale pending time 7 days.


This, along premium payouts, is a great way to encourage new and aspiring developers to start working on content, great change!


From my knowledge this is because of the mobile people. The app stores take 30% of revenue, and over 50% of Roblox is mobile.


Great idea! This is going to be really helpful for both small developers, and large ones alike. Although 30% is still quite a bit, it’s a huge step in the right direction. Changes like this are what motivate small developers to keep working on their projects with positive insight. Well done ROBLOX. :clap:


The title, this and other parts of the post mention “VIP Servers” and not “Private Servers”. Could you please change that?

Other than that, nice update! I have a question though - if we don’t update the prices of those products, will we just get the 10% of the revenue?


This affects non group games mostly, groups already had premium tax.


An excellent update!
Each year I get to witness these beautiful updates, at first it was how many games you could leave active at five maximum without Builders Club, and today we get the wonderful changes where we don’t need to purchase Premium to receive these features.

I’m truly proud to be apart of this community, and I do am looking forward to any greater plans in the future. :smile:


This is a step in the right direction! I’m so excited to see more people getting into developing because of this!