Unions Aren't Loading


I understand there are plenty of topics on this but it surprises me that none of them get resolved. I spent a long time building something, saved and when I came back all the unions broke. The collision data is still there but the unions failed to load. I’m unsure how to resolve this and get my hard work back.

Step 1: union something
Step 2: publish game
Step 3: leave game
Step 4: come back to work gone

Attempted fixes:
Un-union (deletes part)
Change properties (nothing)
Leave and come back (nothing)
Revert version history (no result and lost more work)

Here is what it looked like. I’m so excited to start over from scratch.

Unions sometimes disappear when saving

I can confirm this is currently happening to me too and it is extremely infuriating.


I had to rebuild my entire game without unions lol.


This happened to me a few times and I realized that it only happens when I’m not connected to the internet or when I’m connected but there is no internet access.

Try to close the studio, reconnect to the internet and open the place.
Hope this helps!


Please always include place/asset links in reports like these. This is part of the Steps to Report a Bug that you need to read before posting your bug report.


From what I’ve heard, unions can become corrupted. In the past, I’ve also made a thread alike to this, however, the unions just vanished - didn’t appear as blocks. :frowning:

As of right now, it looks like you’ll have to recreate it again - which honestly sucks! I hope this issue gets fixed soon!


Sorry about that I’ll be sure to do that next time. I’ve already started over and built the game without unions. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Internet is connected at high speeds so it shouldn’t be an issue.