Unofficial Devforum Group Discussion

Hey everyone,

The Roblox DevForum Community group now requires you to join the following game for you to be accepted into the group.

Simply just click the “Update” button and the game will set you to the correct role.

If you’re a Member and you recently became a Regular feel free to join the game and click the “Update” button and it should update your role in the group.

Feel free to post any questions and concerns below.!/about

Devforum offices

As they currently stand, they’re on standby, but I’ll be transparent about my plans with them.
I only plan on allowing Regulars to participate if I ever get them running again, as the full bulk of the forum is simply unscalable.

As of February 28th, 2019 there are 5519 people with the Member role and less than two thousand with the Regular role. The difference between the two is how they’re currently obtained, one is through trust generally and the other is through reading on the forums or application which unfortunately has too much room for abuse.


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I actually have a solution to this and I wouldn’t mind implementing it. If you want me to do so please let me know and I’d be happy to! It’ll make life easier.


I would advise against it simply because of the scale of the new member group. You’ll have a hard time making it perform well if you get anywhere near the total number of people.


I understand that. The problem is that a large amount of offices add up over time. This is actually a problem that reared its head in the devforum offices. By the end of their life, it took a high end PC to even run them because of the combination of unions, meshes, and textures. That’s why they were closed, actually. With new members, it would likely be an even worse problem just because of how many of you there are.

Regarding whether or not you’re allowed to, you definitely are. There’s nothing stopping you from making groups on the site and gathering together. The group in this thread is already unofficial. As long as you follow the ToS, I wouldn’t worry about it.


PSA: If you are promoted from Member to Regular on the Devforum and want this to be reflected in the group, the quickest way to do it is to leave the group and join it again, which will automatically promote you to Regular upon acceptance.


Feels bad, I waited nearly 8 months for my application to be reviewed only to be grouped under the new automated system…


Hey everyone, just got online today.

The bot seems to be inconsistently working right now and I’m looking into why this is happening, though I’m lead to believe it’s due to the massive amount of requests the group is getting because of the game called “Flex Your Account Age” and its devforum exclusive boxes.

I’ll post here once we figure out what exactly the issue is, everyone above should be ranked up by the bot, but it may take a bit to catch up on new requests.


Thanks, though my request got denied for some reason? Probably because the bot it confused.


Yeah my request has just pending. Though sounds great, thank you!


You have to play the group game

At the time of posting, the bot went through all join requests and accepted those Member+, however as recently as this week we’ve changed it to the group game method. M_xsy was accepted under the old method.

I’ve updated the OP to explain the new method.

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Awesome! I had sent a request earlier, but it never was accepted. Hopefully I am accepted soon, I would love to join the group. :slightly_smiling_face:

(By earlier I mean weeks ago)

Have you tried joining through the game method? Clicking the “Update” button should get you in and set you to Regular.


Lol I just realized that before you replied, thx for the reminder, I was accepted now.

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ok. Thats fine I guess at least you have a bot to do all the work

The bot is down right now, I expect we’ll have time to get things working next week some time.


For some reason when I joined the game and sent a request I was not accepted. Can you please accept me?

Yeah, same for me. I sent a request and nothing happened. So I waited a few minutes and tried again and I get the same results. I try one more time and nothing has responded. Could you please accept me too?

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Yeah I waited for like 1 hour but it still did not accept me.