[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio


i wish i could say something so so lovable about you but this site doesnt let me, but thank you

The first one is untrue.

Unless a company doesn’t pursue wrong doers in regards to copyright - said company cannot get into any legal trouble over user-generated content. It would be beyond absurd if that was a law since nobody would be able to obey it, whether they wanted to or not.


It is VERY VERY VERY difficult to upload the assets without audios working. I have to use the existing ones to make the sounds work and it’s horrible. It would be better if they allow users to make audios that are under 6 seconds public, or have an automatic sound detection system to find the music like what Shazam does.


STILL the worst update to ever bless the platform with. So many games were ruined. Yall are a multi billion dollar company just pay the licenses because otherwise yall r going broke. Nobody spending money on a platform that dont even have music…


I don’t understand why they can’t just pay for licenses. They’re literally rich. And now games are ruined and people are LEAVING. So many game genres can’t even be made any more (like dance games, music games, etc) because of this. Truly the worst. And it’s not like users are gonna reach out to companies for a license since lots of these people are KIDS and it costs money.

also not to mention even if you got a license roblox’s customer support is so bottom barrel they wouldn’t even reply to you LOL

they don’t even need to pay for licenses. If you look a bit up in the thread - someone did point out that you can’t be sued for user-generated copyrighted content (granted - they still need to moderate these assets on your platform).
They speculate that it was just easier and cheaper for ROBLOX to remove audios altogether than to battle it out in court.

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A lot of older Roblox games with music that have not been updated feel very bland without at least some music playing in the background, What if the copyright replacement songs were brought back where those themes replace the audio automatically if the audio being used has gone private due to the privacy update?

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I’m no businessperson or lawyer, but couldn’t one good way to approach public audio be to allow importing of audio from a third party website that provides licensing information, such as Newgrounds? Here are the benfits I can think of:

  • That website becomes responsible for management of copyright, rather than Roblox (so long as Roblox works with the site to follow TOS and any other conditions)

  • If a popular website is chosen, like Spotify or Newgrounds, then there would more direct contact with artists for collaboration

  • Some of these websites have download buttons for audio, which are convenient for anyone browsing audio

  • For Newgrounds in specific, there’s age ratings for audio. Newgrounds has a specific checkbox on their website for allowing external APIs to use music from their website due to work with Geometry Dash in the past

  • In terms of business relations, its a business partner linked to the world of music production

  • This still probably wouldn’t be complete protection but it would push some of the responsibility on to another organization

It would make the most sense to me if for this process an audio had to be imported with an import button by a Roblox user, and in the upload process some API goes to the third party website and checks what the site has recorded as copyright terms for the audio. If the audio is determined to not be allowed per copyright terms during this check, then Roblox could then check a database of audio uploads and games specifically permitted to use audio by the audio’s creator. To add audio to this database, the original uploader of the audio to the site would need to send Roblox a legally-binding form that could hold up in court that says basically, “hey, I made this song and give you permission to use this specific song of mine”.

This would basically be almost the same as how at least in my understanding Geometry Dash handles music. Here’s a video I watched on how Geometry Dash handles audio copyright since their approach has a few more steps: video

disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and for all I know this advice could be terrible


i second this i need mw KPOP SONGS :pray: i hope roblox sees this


Maybe a good sign? (even if I don’t believe it)


I don’t think it’s anything too special. Maybe it’s some sort of moderation testing.


Semms like beta Audio API is live.

But there’s no sign of short audio publishing as was mentioned here:

And also, there’s no sign of public audios at general.

I think publishing idea ended up into graveyard.

When they said that this will come back in 2024, they meant December 31st at 11:59 PM

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I guess… there might be light in the dark tunnel…

According to this youtuber (More specifically: @ RealFunkyWorm on twitter) there is new stuff in API.

In nutshell:

  • Publishing will require ID and age verification.
  • There will be agreement, that you own audio when you publish it.

Twitter post

Hey, we’re starting to get back to normal!

If you’re 13+, ID verified, and your audio asset is less than 10 seconds and does not contain music or speech, you can now set it back to public!
If it still says “check back later” that means it doesn’t qualify right now. I wish it could become available for all audio lengths and all users eventually but at this point this is much better than nothing.


Thank you @GazilionGrandGadgets for the re-share. More is in the works and we will continue to unlock new capabilities.


Thank You for staff members that worked on short audio feature, to make it available for creators.

There was slight issue, that You mentioned in new post about short audios, that some audios may not be eligble to publish due to verification processes.

But I figured out how to deal with it.

Anyways, good luck with making availability to publish longer audios for Us, creators.


I don’t know what yall guys should have done with the copyright audios, but personally i wouldn’t make all audios private. Since (i think) there’s even more bypassed noncopyright/copyright music after the whole update.

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