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About Me

Hello! I’m Ayzilo, I’m a 3D Artist and Programmer. I’ve been dabbling with 3D Art for over a year now, and programming for over 2 years. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and skill; as everything is a learning experience for me. I’ve contributed to some notable games such as Super Power Fighting Simulator, Mining Legends, Obby Maker, Tapping Gods, and much more! Shown below are just some examples of my work, feel free to check them out! :smiley:

Environmental Builds

RPG Lobby [WIP]

Winter Lobby

**Gamejam Partcipatation game w/ @IceyDevv, @ExedusDev **

Lowpoly Builds
SCI-FI Build Off

Miniature Assets


Zone Map



Tapping Gods


Humanoid Pets

Armor/3D Clothing



Simulator Islands

RPG #2 (WIP)

Axe Legends Main Map (1 Day Build)

Sleepcall’s Commission

Meshes in Blender

Open Sourced Resources/Useful Knowledge

Useful Assets:
20+ Useful Assets
8 Free Wings:
8 Free Wings Meshes
Lowpoly Factory Blender File:
[BLEND] Lowpoly Factory
Space Island/Assets:
Space Island and Assets
[UPDATE] How to export your texture from blender to studio:
[UPDATED] Blender version 2.8, How to export your texture from blender to studio
[2.79 OUTDATED] How to export your texture from blender to studio:
[BLENDER 2.79] Proper way to UV-Unwrap your mesh and export w/ texture
Jumbo Asset Pack


Open Sourced Policy…

All I ask is you credit me somewhere in your game/game description OR message me in advance letting me know that you’re using my assets in your game… So, you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of adding my credentials to the game.

Youtube Tutorials:
How to make VFX in Blender:
How to make VFX In Blender [TUTORIAL] - YouTube

Basics of modeling terrain in Blender:
Basics of Modeling Terrain in Blender| ROBLOX/BLENDER TUTORIAL - YouTube

My Channel:
Ayzilo - YouTube

UGC Concepts

Portfolio: [UGC Portfolio] Ayzilo's UGC Portfolio


Piano Concept

UGC Catalog Items Link

Magic Spell Book:
Magic Spell Book - Roblox

I am available for about 5-12 hours a day. So, feel free to message me during my work hours. If you’re in need of a long-term modeler/builder, I’m open to that as well, but do keep that in mind that I am able to decline the commission If it’s not feasible.

Prices are always negotiable. Read Below for payment options…
Payment options:

Group Funds & or T-Shirt (T-shirt must cover the 30% tax fee).
USD, I accept USD. (Payment must be through Paypal).
Percents, (%) I accept %'s, although clients are required to sign a contract to ensure I do get paid. - To be concise, I’d require 50% of payment before I’d be able to receive my percentage.

  • DO NOT message me if you do not have the option to pay for the commission/asset being asked to be made, I do NOT work for free and If you aren’t willing to sign the said contract, do not bother contacting me.

My Policy Is to ensure you are satisfied with what’s being asked to be made. I send screenshots of progression and the immediate final product upon completion. If needed I will go back and revise/make changes to the commission during the first 2 hours, after completing the said commission. After the hours pass over, do note that you will be charged for revisions/changes.

  • There will be a revision fee which is an extra 5% of the initial payment.

You can contact me via Twitter, DevForum, or Discord. It would be preferred if you contact me on, Discord.

Twitter: @Ayzilo_o
Discord: ayzilo#0001


He is a great modeler. I would definitely recommend him for modeling work.


Woah… I wish I could build like that… I could actually get customers on my portfolio.


Ayzilo is an amazing developer! All his builds look spot on, and he is currently building me a game! I will 100% vouch for him, as he is amazing! Hire him already!!


Spectacular job! His work is mind blowing, very kind person and has everything done by the due date! 100% would recommend him to anyone :grin:


I have worked with this builder many times, on various projects. He never fails to deliver exactly what I’m wanting, with great efficiency, communication skills and quality. I would highly recommend ordering!


I recommend Ayzilo 100%! He is an amazing builder and an amazing person!


Can you post pictures/screenshots of your builds? While it’s more convenient to just post game or twitter links - there’s a much higher chance of someone clicking zero links than there is a chance of someone viewing zero embedded images. Similarly, there is a much higher chance of someone looking at all your images than there is someone visiting all of your links!


I have to give him credit! He is a very fast and hard worker. I do recommend him.


Hello. I am a programmer and I am looking for a builder / modeller.
But my questions, can you build a full map? (like mad city or something in that type of maps)

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Yessir, i’ll actually try to build a showcase of a city. That’d be cool for a portfolio!


Can I see it? I am looking for a builder that can create a city for me. I ay with a % of the game.

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Sorry, but I can’t really take percents at the moment, @DobDev and I are working on a game which is 2 weeks from release. So, I need any left over income I have left to put forth with sponsoring/advertising our game. I’m really sorry! :frowning:


He is amazing at modeling and building! Totally would recommend him!

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amazing works
good job
might hire you soon!

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I might hire you soon! You seem really good at modeling! If I hired you i would need some small boats to be made and a fishing rod.

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Where can we talk for commissions of a restaurant?

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Can’t wait for your commissions to open.

Updated Portfolio, New Work/Cleaner Layout. Check it out above! Commissions are Opened!

Vouch. - Ayzilo is an incredible companion of mine, and his work doesn’t disappoint. He’s a very motivated/enthusiastic individual that will be sure to get your work done on time, by any means necessary, whilst also an extremely kind/out-going being. He’s also one of the fastest modelers I’ve ever seen, personally. So by any means, on the off chance that you at any point need to commission somebody, Ayzilo is the one to go to! :heart: