Welcoming Byfron to Roblox


We know how important anti-cheat and security are for you and the entire Roblox community. At RDC, we announced that we’re turning our focus to cheat prevention. To help get us there, we’re thrilled to welcome Byfron, a leader in anti-cheat solutions, to Roblox. Together, we are combining forces to greatly expand Roblox’s anti-cheat capabilities.

Byfron has developed a state-of-the-art anti-cheat solution that is being utilized by some of the world’s largest game publishers. The team is also passionate about competitive gaming and security, so we think they’re going to be a great match for our community. With their deep domain knowledge and security engineering expertise, we will be accelerating our roadmap to build robust anti-cheat and security solutions. This includes client-side and server-side anti-cheat, alt accounts detection, and additional tools for developers to combat cheaters. Integrating Byfron’s technology into the Roblox platform will improve experience security, protect the competitive landscape, and to allow developers to spend more time building their experiences.

We look forward to sharing more in the coming months. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Byfron to the Roblox community!


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I’m glad to know that Roblox is spearheading initiatives to tackle the situation with cheaters on the platform and has an update for us on this front. It means a lot to know that this is coming.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that developers have the tools necessary to tackle cheating in their own experiences and hand down real consequences. Accelerating automated anti-cheat or whatever is great but developers must also have that control where possible.



Does Roblox have any stake in Byfron? Judging by their website being just the announcement of Roblox partnering with them, this must be their first (large?) client.


Hoping developers get access to something similar to an IP ban. Currently cheaters just make a new account and rejoin.


Got a lot of comments about how an ip ban won’t work. I know it won’t. I said “something similar to an IP ban”. Yes, there are a lot of bypasses. That’s why we need something more powerful, but similar to an IP ban. Thanks <3


Glad Roblox is finally intervening. Developers should NOT have to worry and spend so much precious time that could be used to update their games - to stop others from breaking their games instead…

How exactly is this going to be secured? What prevents exploiters from bypassing this?

Does the server anti-exploit have any significant downside on the performance?

Out of curiosity, what other measures can Roblox take using the Roblox engine to detect alternative accounts except for account age - which is not the safest by itself (prevents new regular players).?

Do you have an ETA for when this will be released?

Will FPS unlockers/shaders be bannable? Assuming they are innocent and harmless.


It has finally come! Though my only concern would be if this is forced or a choice from the developer in their games :thinking:. I’ve never heard of Byfron and their website seems new with their twitter not gaining much fame. I hope this does secure the future of Roblox games though.


I am very excited about the possibilities Byfron will give to the platform! If done well (as in: developers have control & protection is strong enough), this can boost engagement, development/performance resources & revenue a lot!

Server-authoritative character controllers soon? :eyes:


that’s good news, I hope people actually use it.


Oh my god this is huge I finally don’t have to worry about stupid physics calculation for anticheats


Interesting. But I want to be aware if this will be toggleable or not, because some games might not support it (e.g. it relies on rocket jumping or methods which make you travel long), maybe make it customizable and editable so we can toggle and fork some features?


Large companies like Epic Games have worked with Byfron to implement their anti-cheat system “Hyperion” into games like Fortnite. They certainly have significant experience and this isn’t their first “large” client. However, based on their updated website, it appears that Roblox may have bought them out to have their engineers work full-time at Roblox and ownership of all their proprietary technologies.


I’m glad that ROBLOX is actually serious about getting an anti-cheat. This will hopefully have some effects on the exploiters


Although Byron is highly despised, this will be an interesting update, nevertheless.


I’m amazed at how Roblox is doing its best to introduce better anti-cheat systems to us developers, and along it comes a question. This question might not be answerable just yet but in case it is, how will the anti-cheat work?

Is it going to be a service that provides us with customisable features with the help of its functions or will it be a standalone system that tries to detect exploits for the developer? Any information on this would be useful.


Thank you for introducing the update that I have been waiting for years, and I would like to say that this is one of the most important updates ever.


It’s about time that Roblox makes an effort against exploiting.


Good update, can’t wait to be able to play games normally.


Hope the acquisition of Byfron actually improves the anti-cheat on the platform and doesn’t just become another corporation added to the list of corporations acquired by the Roblox corporation. I guess only time will tell.