What are you working on currently? (2023)

Currently, I’m working on my game called Space Travel Mission. It’s a game where you travel to other planets and moons in the galaxy while completing missions. I have created a story to the game, as well as repeatable missions. There are, currently, three gamepasses for the game. Here’s link to a youtube video of gameplay.


Here’s a sneak peak at an unfinished remodeling of the missions building in my game:

Link to my game: Space Travel Mission - Roblox

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been working on UGC commissions :smiley:

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This year, we’re continuing our work on our game design team’s main game, WillyEdison’s Microgames!

It’s not one game, but twelve! Dodge an angry monkey’s bananas. Escape the maze before anyone else. Maneuver through a series of one-way conveyors. But that’s just a sample - come see what else we offer!

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Been exploring character physics customisation and created a system that allows for skidding & slipping across surfaces:

These interact nicely with EXPLOSIONS

Bonus fun in the air! Whee!


Woah, this is cool! How did you customize the character’s physics, making them slide or slow with friction? I tried once and Roblox characters seem to behave very differently, in terms of physics, than other Roblox objects.


I utilised the new ControllerManager system which lets you customise several properties of characters, like friction & speed multipliers, air control etc.
image image

Here’s the link to the announcement post! It has code snippets in there.

To make the sliding better & more characterful I used some mathematics to compare the player’s inputted movement with their current velocity, playing custom animations + sounds if I determine they’re skidding/sliding.

In short, I use the vector dot of the player’s velocity compared to their humanoid’s movement direction, basically if the player is trying to move backwards, but they are actually moving forwards due to low friction, the number returned will be -1 because the difference in velocity is completely opposite!


I quickly made a tech demo (if you can call it like this?). Basically it’s a mediocre third person ffa shooter on a small map and you need to pick up a gun which only has 1 mag in it, but the catch is you use grapple hooks to fly away or into players, and also to get around. I am thinking of building maps vertically and making them small to make it a little bit more chaotic. If i actually finish developing this game, it would turn into one of those press-play-and-shoot type of games where you gonna play it for a couple of days.

Here is a link to a video of me playing against myself)

Oh and this is actually my first time ever publishing something related to my game development. It would be awesome if i could playtest it with some people before committing my freetime into it. And no i am not begging for anyone to actually go ahead and playtest it.


I came across this post a bit late but I figured I might as well toss in my current project:

world of chaos is about telling a story with absolute freedom both from players and the npcs that live in the world. the entire map (except for the lobby naturally) is destructible.

the entire game was made by me over the course of 3 years and I’m still slowly adding more to it.


Improving my scripting skills since I suck :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
(I’m a beginner)

It’s time of chamba


Looks amazing. For some reasons it gives me gta 4 vibes even though i played it very long time ago

Game thumbnail for my Overwatch styled game (Thumbnail is still a WIP)

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I’ve been working on the game Ride & Emergency for a while, and finally after so many work, the game has been released. It’s an RP game based on an italian city, overlooking the ligurian gulf. I would like y’all to check it out here! (2) Ride & Emergency, Italy - Roblox


I was positioning a festive candy cane hoverboard on players back when this happened… :sweat_smile:


Working on the movements for pets/assistants on a golf game. The reindeer is a free model, I’ll try using other models, animatable probably.


bit of a big project for my first one to learn lua since im new but working on a mostly adventure game with some fighting a lot of exploring, mostly working on mechanics right now more specifically gliding now (the very fall slow from the block was the wip gliding btw lol, no model for the glider thing yet since i have big plans for it)

pretty good progress on the mechanics so far :happy3:


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

I know this post was back in March, but your builds look phenomenal!



I made an A* pathfinding algorithm a few years ago, but it had a few problems with it, and so I decided to just completely re-write it.