(Windows) How to reset Roblox without resetting your settings

I’m making this tutorial (or rather group of small tutorials?) to describe how you can reset your Roblox registry keys, and Roblox’s AppData files in a way where you won’t lose any of your settings. This is in case you have issues with a corrupt Roblox install, or corrupt settings and need to reset everything but you don’t want to have to set up all your Roblox & studio settings after.

This post tells you how to do any of these things:

  • Clear Roblox registry entries that might be causing issues
  • Clear Roblox files from your AppData that might be causing issues
  • Clear Roblox cache files from your Temp folder that might be causing issues

In order to clear your Roblox registry keys you can do either of these (I would recommend also clearing some of Roblox’s AppData files first as I explain below):

Use this .reg file (This is exactly what the other option does, just in a more automated way)

  1. Open notepad (not wordpad)
  2. Put these contents in
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  1. Save it as a .reg file somewhere you can find easily, e.g. your Desktop
  2. Right click the file you saved in explorer and click Merge (You’ll get a warning)

Or manually with regedit

  1. Press Win + R and type in regedit, and press enter to run regedit
  2. You should see something like the following pop up:
  3. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then expand SOFTWARE, then press the R key a couple times until you see Roblox and ROBLOX Corporation in the list:
  4. Right click on specifically ROBLOX Corporation and click Delete to delete it (The regular Roblox key mainly stores some studio settings, its not really relevant to the normal game client so I don’t recommend deleting it or you’ll need to redo a lot of window positions and your script editor colors might get reset)
  5. This should clear some version/crash info that might be causing your issues. You will also have to run the Roblox installer again because of that, and, the game may do a fresh install of Roblox but I don’t think it does in this case.

To reset your Roblox AppData files (but not your settings)

  1. Press Win + R, and type %LocalAppdata%\Roblox and hit enter
  2. Find the Versions folder & delete it
  3. Find the Downloads folder (also because I know someone will misinterpret that somehow, the one named Downloads in the %AppData%\Roblox folder not your actual downloads folder, aka, not the one in the side bar) & delete it
  4. Find the ClientSettings folder & delete it (This stores some of the game’s FFlags and it can cause crashing if it gets messed up somehow)
  5. If you see a LocalStorage folder, delete it
  6. I recommend clearing the Roblox cache too

To clear the Roblox cache

  1. Press Win + R and type %Temp%\Roblox and hit enter.
  2. Press Ctrl + A and delete everything in the folder.
  3. There you go!

Ah, This didn’t fix my issue with roblox crashing on start but it helped me rule out reg keys which is nice

My find all scripts menu was toooo stretched out this fixed it thank you!

Thank you! Given this a quick read. I think I broke datastores and it has something to do with my windows profile since reinstalling studio, scripting on a different account and playing on different versions turned out pointless

DataStores are on the server-side, and Studio DataStores require API access turned on in the game settings because it needs to connect to Roblox’s APIs. DataStores breaking won’t have anything to do with Windows or your studio installation beyond some sort of failure to access the APIs in the first place.