Adjusting the Color3 of a MeshPart Texture

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to alter the colour of a texture on a MeshPart, meaning a developer would have to create alternate textures just to differentiate a texture’s colour appearance.

One way to tackle this would be to add similar Color3 properties to MeshParts’ textures, making it increasingly easier to modify meshes with ease on the Roblox engine. An example of this would be to add the Color3 property (similar to a decal or texture) on a MeshPart texture property:



It’s already done with decals and brick textures, so I don’t see a reason why this can’t be brought over to MeshParts. Would allow for more customisation and ease.


As a Roblox developer it is currently impossible to tweak the Color3 values for a texture applied to a MeshPart. This property already exists for other texture features on the platform, including Images, Textures, and now clothing. Adding a Color3 property for MeshPart textures would allow me to upload a single texture for my MeshParts as opposed to uploading dozens just to allow for the ability to tweak the tint ever so slightly.

Use case:
I’d like to be able to tweak how dark my asphalt texture is for each roadway, but I can’t currently do that.


I needed this to make donuts yesterday (don’t ask). It would have saved a lot of time since I could have quickly adjusted what the toppings looked like instead of having to manually make a new texture.


Ran into the issue again. I was trying to use Rthro and wanted to change the package’s color. Too bad for me, because there’s no way to unless I manually adjust each MeshPart’s texture. That’s not happening.

Can we pwetty pwease have this implemented?


A workaround would be to edit the VertexColor property on SpecialMeshes (though it didn’t work properly last time I tried).


Yeah, that could be one. The workaround I’m using is transparent decals. I can’t imagine that’s as good for performance though.

Nope, it isn’t. Opaque objects in general are quite resource requiring.

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Ahhh I just uploaded like over 100 different textures manually because Roblox doesn’t have this. Why???


Am I allowed to mention that we need Color 3 support for meshpart textures even MORE once Vertex Deformation aka. Skinned meshes have shipped ?

Though I like to stay optimistic about that cause, the also planned all new PBR Material system would be quite a hassle without the ability to manually, easily recolor (change HUE) of all types of texture maps, including once they are made for / put on custom meshes too.


Currently as a Roblox Developer making a range of colours for the same mesh is memory intensive and time consuming.

I strongly believe that an RGB (red, green, blue) value should be added to all meshes and assets that allow for the textures RGB to be changed depending on your choice.

A great example of this could be making a team-based avatar where you would like to use textures for your hats or equipment, currently, you’re required to make a brand new texture for each team colour. This is inefficient and should be changed. Arsenal counters this by having no texture at all for the majority of hats but if this feature was introduced you could make a grey-scale texture for your mesh and then set an RGB and make the process incredibly easy and fast for new avatars, teams or any future assets.

RGB is available for Clothing, so why not meshes? :slight_smile: Let’s get it added!!!


I currently have to use 2 meshes because of this, with one using an alpha texture to combine skins with team colors.

What I really don’t understand is why in the world is Roblox the only major engine that doesn’t allow editing textures in-game. That would solve pretty much every limitation we are imposed with regarding texturing. We would even be able to make animated textures without loading 30 uploaded images.

How would this be accomplished? A library that takes multiple assets and creates local assets containing the resulting image. This would avoid a complete rewrite of how textures are applied to meshes and other instances.

Local assets are already a thing, but are only used in studio, so this shouldn’t require much work. One could argue that this is unsafe for minors, but this is actually even easier to moderate than scripts.

Also, you can place a SpecialMesh into a MeshPart, which will allow you to use the VertexColor property while keeping the proper collision.

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Coming in for the yearly bump :slight_smile:

We currently use SpecialMeshes for many of our custom meshes because they allow you to color them (the textures can be hued). So for things like hair and armor we rely on them.

Now that skinned meshes have released we need to choose between:
a) Recolorable, non skinnable SpecialMeshes
b) Non-colorable, skinnable MeshParts

It would be amazing if we didn’t have to pick a compromise and MeshParts supported all of the functionality so we could forget about SpecialMeshes!

Video example: This video below is only possible with SpecialMeshes right now


A major reason why I don’t work with textures at all on Roblox is because it completely prevents me from reusing assets without it being obvious, or without needing to create special textures for every single reuse case (which I cannot preview easily in real time in Studio, so it’s trial and error editing the texture externally) which would also waste memory for excessive textures.

If I could tint textures on meshparts I’d be able to reuse things like e.g. leaves, flowers, and other plant parts to make all kinds of interesting foliage without needing a bunch of different textures, or I could have different versions of furniture (e.g. dark brown wood versus light brown).

This shouldn’t be so difficult.


I’m forced to use SpecialMeshes just to be able to adjust the VertexColor of a mesh. Because of this, I miss out on all the features MeshParts have to offer. The only other “workaround” would be to reupload several different textures, but that severely limits the amount of colours we could achieve with the option to freely change the VertexColor.


This thread/topic has started back in 2017 and now in almost mid 2021, with all the new updates like PBR and Skinned Mesh support, we need the requested feature even more than ever.


This, and also if it is possible, layered textures would also be perfect, being able to layer multiple different colored textures on top of eachother like some sort of .PSD file


Incase it helps, here is another reply for the pile. It has been about 4 years since first requested and a basic property used in game shaders for decades. I am still relatively new to Roblox development, but perhaps a dev could give some insight as to why this feature has been overlooked/not implemented for so long?

This functionality already exists in Roblox in a few different forms(on Decals and Textures, particle emitters), It even exists on meshparts that use built in materials w/ no custom texture(Color/BrickColor properties). Please bring parity to all your materials and add a color3 property to meshparts that use a custom texture. And thinking about the future, please add color3 to surfaceappearance as well.


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