AnimationTrack.Looped Does Not Replicate

The AnimationTrack.Looped property does not replicate across the client/server boundary.

Changing the looped property on the server, does not replicate the property to the clients. I discovered this when trying to set the looped property on an animation track on an NPC via a server side script. Changing the property only affects the looping behavior on the server.


Yes, this is a known problem and we currently have a ticket tracking it. Hopefully we will get to it soon.


So… any news on this year-old issue? It seems AnimationTracks are meant to be created client-side, yet this poses a problem for anything that needs to dynamically set properties on animations.


This issue is still a thing and it’s currently very frustrating to make a somewhat hacky solution. Do you guys have a possible ETA on when this issue will be resolved?


@UP, It’s very upsetting. Will we ever get a fix?


This is STILL an issue, very frustrating.
There is a workaround though, make two identical animations, one with looped property in the Editor ticked. Is there any update on this?

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AdjustSpeed also doesn’t work :broken_heart:


We use AnimationController and Looped does not replicate.

function module:playAnimation(Animation,fadeTime,weight,speed,loopAnimation)
    local fadeInTime = fadeTime or self.defaultFadeInTime
    local weight = weight or self.defaultWeight
    local speed = speed or self.defaultSpeed
    local loopAnimation = loopAnimation or true
    local AnimationTrack = self.Animations[Animation] or error("playAnimation Error. Could not find 
    loaded animation: " .. Animation)
    self.Animations[Animation].Looped = true

Unfortunately it looks like this is still a problem, as the Looped does not replicate.

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Animation.Looped still doesn’t replicate in June 2020, this bug causes a massive barrier and annoyance for developers of games with many animations (like my own) as each animation has to be uploaded 2 different times (looped + non-looped) to achieve the behavior that should be provided by the .Looped property. Be sure to let us know if you have any updates on this as it’s still ongoing and not fun to work around.


Another vouch for this problem. It has caused me a lot of confusion. While the animation has stopped on the server sided, the client is still running it. The file attached is the one used to create the gif.

AnimationTrackReplication.rbxl (28.2 KB)


I just spent two hours wondering why my NPC animations were looping but not showing up for the client. The Looped event kept firing which made the problem very confusing. Thank goodness I found this bug report. Please fix this soon; it would make animation code much more intuitive!


This was reported in 2 years ago? Sorry but will this be fixed in anytime soon? The animation still loops after I set it to false by script, and when I call :Stop() on a LoadAnimation after it’s first loop, it won’t stop.

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I’m at the point where I’m going to have to rethink a certain aspect of gameplay because of this issue.
I get so far as seeing the animations playing for the clients and the server but at some unspecified point in time, the animations will not be seen by the other player or the server, while the client continues to see their animation. I’ve literally battled with this for weeks now :frowning:


Same problem for me as well. I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed for this long.


This issue is happening to my game as well. Animation is played on the server side and the play properly replicates to the clients, however when I try to stop it from the server side, it only stops on the server and it does not stop on the clients. This was acknowledged as a “known problem” with a “ticket tracking it” over 2 years ago. Where is that ticket now? What is the status on this issue?

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This is still an issue today, two years and three months on - there is a work around where you modify it directly in the animation editor but this is a big pain for games where .Looped may be variable (change) - forcing convoluted code.

We were recently trying the fix this issue by running animations on the server instead of the client (assuming this was the issue) but even there it only works server side. Is there any ETA for this engine bug?


This bug still occurs in January of 2021. It’s been 2 years and it still hasn’t been fixed.

A fix I’ve found is to artificially loop the animations once you’ve detected that their duration has expired.

Hoping Roblox is actually intending to fix this issue.


Ridiculous, 2 years and have they’ve even mentioned this?


Yep-still a bug. If Roblox is going to replicate the client’s animations, then replicate everything, including the Looped setting.

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just a daily reminder that the looped property still doesnt replicate, and it needs to so i dont have to waste hours trying to figure out why the server makes it loop and not the client


Still an issue. Please fix this.

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