FolderTool Pro (v1.0c3) - Group selected items into a folder

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* GroupMe compatibility is for the Pro version. The regular version doesn't do anything to cause compatibility issues.

README: FolderTool Pro is now free. Some information regarding to pricing may be outdated here.

Hey everyone! I would like to showcase my plugin which I co-created with @LucasMZ_RBX.

FolderTool is a plugin that helps you to group selected items into a folder, ungroup items inside a folder and convert the class of a Model to a Folder.

When installing the plugin, these three buttons will pop up:


The first button is to group selected items to a folder, the second one is to ungroup items in a folder and the third button changes the Class of a Model to a Folder.

Here’s a demonstration of the first two functions:

(demonstration of the classconversion function coming soon)

Pro Exclusive Features

I’ll mention right off the bat that this costs 100 Robux, and may only have these features:

  • Customisable folder naming (e.g. “FolderItem” or “Storage”)
  • Iteration for folder names (non customisable, I plan to make it customisable though)

Download if you want btw:


Set up a shortcut for FolderTool in Roblox Studio

You may want to set a shortcut to group selected items, you can do this by pressing File > Advanced > Customise shortcuts and type ‘Group’ in the search bar that appears and assign a shortcut. Repeat the same process for ungrouping, just don’t use the same shortcut.

Itch Download

Support development of this plugin

Thank you for taking a look at FolderTool and have a good day!

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FolderTool Pro** (currently viewing) - Group items into folders easily

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* Plugin requires a fee to download from the Plugin Marketplace, but has a free version on GitHub available. ** Plugin requires a fee to download from the Plugin Marketplace, no free version available.


Now this is another good representation of ungroup and group. I wanted to use something like since forever! Thanks for the resource!

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Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Made a pull request to make it so the folders you just created get selected, and vice versa when folders are ungrouped, as I think that’s what normal grouping/ungrouping with models does. Thanks for making this, it’s going to be really useful!


This seems a nice addition since dragging a bunch of stuff into a folder is annoying


Make it so when you select a Model and press the folder button the Model turns into a folder and all the Model’s children get parented into the folder. So you don’t have to redrag everything


I’ll be definitely be looking at that pull request

Models have some features that folder do not, I’d recommend using @Elttob’s ReClass plugin for this anyways

I’ll also check @Ty_Scripts’ pull when I have time

Working on forking some of the forks right now, will release a few minor updates to implement all the forks so I can test that they work etc

1.2.1 should be out in about 20 minutes with updates that @regibus361 implemented

Update 1.2.1 is now available!

When grouping/ungrouping folders, the folder or files will automatically be selected.

Forks are being processed one by one atm

Another update already?

The v0.3 update is now out on GitHub and Plugin Marketplace. This update introduces a new button to convert the class of a model as suggested by @dandcx!

Download it now: FolderTool (obsolete) - Roblox


This is very useful! I’ve always wanted this kind of alternative to the model grouping feature.

One suggestion: shorten the icon names in the dock to just “group” “ungroup” and “convert” or something. The current names take quite a chunk of space on the dock.


Yeah, it’s a shame that I can’t get the icons looking better on such a small resolution because then users would understand a function better

No no the icons are great, I meant changing the title under the icons to something shorter

(I would make a pull request but I don’t have access to a computer rn)

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I could do that now, people can tell what an item does anyways through the description of it.

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Just implemented those changes, will be out shortly

msi afterburner is broken for sure


Version 0.3.1 is now out!

This update uses shortened toolbar button names, get it from GitHub or Plugin Marketplace now!



Oh boy this is gonna be useful!

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What is “convert” supposed to do?

It’s supposed to classconvert a model to a folder

No problem!

nice, I don’t like groups so I needed this, thx

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Hi there!

We’ve made some small changes to the plugin, here’s whats new in v0.3.2!

  • Update checker has been added (similar to the system already being used in all my plugins except for Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation)
  • Converting models with textured meshes etc should be now fixed (thanks @Ty_Scripts for reporting this, and @cxmeels for helping)

I should also like to point out that @LucasMZ_RBX is no longer working on this project, however I will remain to keep him credited.

This plugin is also now available on itch at FolderTool by ExperiencersInternational (currently not on latest version, working on updating it now).

You can download the latest version currently from the Plugin Marketplace, GitHub and Itch will be updated shortly after.

Just a quick update! Version 0.4.0 has been released, here’s what we’ve changed:

  • References to require() have been removed, plugin shows up in both Marketplace and Studio search now
  • Refreshed icons (current icons don’t feel designed for a 16x16 or 32x32 resolution, and the new icons add more consistency)

Download at: FolderTool - Roblox, or search ‘FolderTool’ in plugin search in Toolbox.