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About Me

Hello there, I’m baitem! I have built on roblox now for three years. I specialize in low poly and high detail maps. Request anything from as small as an accessory to as large as a battlefield and I will bring your imagination to life. I will do big maps or little maps depending on your wants!
I am a ranked member of Roblox Architects as well :slight_smile: ROBLOX Architects - Roblox


Here are in-game images of some of my creations:


You can view my assets for yourself at these links:


I am available every day of the week, except for school hours (8:00 AM EST - 2:30 PM EST). You can contact me any time and leave a message.


I accept both robux payment and USD payments (THROUGH ZELLE OR VENMO). I do not cover the 30% tax fee. In regards to USD payments, I can do paypal, however it is not preferred.

Payment agreement: You must pay half of the agreed upon amount before I start and half after I show the commission to you OR pay full price before I start my commission. If you wish for me to work in a team create, you must pay full price of the commission for me to do so.


You can contact me on the following platforms:

Discord - baitem#4974

Roblox/Developer Forum - @baitem

Twitter -

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting in contact with you!


I suggest you to add pictures for the showcases as well, just so that people can get the idea in general before entering, or if they are on mobile or what ever other reasons.


Updated β€” 1/6/2020 β€”New policy under payments, new example of work.

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Updated β€” 1/28/2020 β€”New example of work! Let me know what you think!

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Updated 2/6/2020 : Added mini show case I made :slight_smile:

Updated contact information β€” discord

Updated 2/8/2020 new example (lobby)

Updated 2/9 new example (map) right under the lobby example

Updated feb 10 β€” payment agreement.

Updated contact information and COMMISSIONS OPEN (big or small)

Hey I was wondering if you could accept %.

Hey, we can discuss this in DMs, however unless it is an idea I believe will succeed very well, I will pass as I am not taking up very many percent deals.

Updated 2/13/2020 new example of work!

Updated 2/15/2020-- I now take USD

Revamped portfolio, updated payment, provided screenshots.

I now accept USD Through Venmo.

Opening commissions again. Dm me here : baitem#0001

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Updated contact information – discord